Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Products of 2011

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This was definitely hard to do... I rarely get a horrible product therefor I love most of my make up but all the "winners" for this favorites of 2011 are based on how often I use them and how I often I reach for them. There were some products that are used a lot of times but were not included in this just because one product for that category was used more therefore stepping on the shoes of the best product. So to start off:

Best Face Mask: Mask of Magnaminty By Lush

This is the best mask i've tried in years. It smells heavenly. Mint Chocolate to be specific. It takes away all the unwanted lumps (blackheads'whiteheads, other lumps if you know what i mean). It makes my face really smooth and soft and it also tightens my pores to prevent breakouts and lightens my skin although I don't know if it was really designed to do that. It has ground aduki beans that you can use to exfoliate while removing the mask with water. I did not go back to Murad to get a facial after using this. I'm on my second tub as of december.Excellent product.

Best Facial Toner: Tea Tree Water by Lush

At the beginning of 2011 my favorite was the Celeteque toner but breaking out, I've tried this toner with Tea Tree in it and Tea Tree basically helps reduce redness and prevents blemishes. This is great because the ingredients are pretty simple and therefore it less prone to irritate anyone's skin. You would immediately see the results though. You would feel refreshed, and your face will feel firm after use. It may appear a bit expensive compared to other toners but this has seriously lasted me for more than 6 months and I still have a lot left. So it's well worth the money I've spent for this and I cannot wait to repurchase another bottle but definitely not anytime soon.

Best Spot Treatment: Tea Tree Oil by the Body Shop

I cannot say enough good things about this product. Helped me with mosquito bites, spots and other scarring on my face and on the other parts of my body. This small bottle is enough for about 6 months maybe even more. Makes a great combo for the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner.

Best Facial Moisturizer/Primer: Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Free Moisturizer

Very lightweight ' dries quickly the only con is that there is no spf but this would be perfect for shoots and it doesn't slide off the face during the day.

Best Foundation: Covergirl Advance Radiance Age Defying Makeup SPF 10 in 110 Classic Ivory

I was debating on whether I should just put the Revlon Photoready for this category but I think that I have used this more and this stays on more on my face during the day and it smells better than other foundations I've tried. The Photoready is good but I sometimes appear greasy when wearing that. Also this is pretty good for the skin because it is combined with Olay skin ingredients.

Best Undereye Concealer: Covergirl and Olay simply ageless eye concealer in 210

Again like the foundation this is mixed with Olay skin ingredients, full coverage, easily blendable and does not cake under the eyes.You just need a tiny amount for both eyes so this little tub has lasted me for almost a year.

Best Concealer: Garnier Light BB instant fairness roll on

This was not meant to be an all over concealer but I just use it for that purpose also as a primer for my concealer under the eye because it just takes out the redness and evens my skintones a bit more before I apply foundation. Sometimes I just use this with a powder and I still look pretty flawless.

Best BB cream: BB Magic Cream spf 30 from Etude House

Just a nice bb cream that can be used for the gym, as a primer, or just as a tinted moisturizer for short trips or when I'm having troubled skin and refuses to cake on foundation in my skin.

Best Setting Powder: MAC Prep + Prime

This is just a nice translucent powder that sets my make up. Can be used as a primer too.

Best Loose Powder: The Body Shop Loose Face Powder in 01

A nice light colored loose powder used for setting my foundation and providing additional coverage.

Best Pressed Powder: Maybelline Angelfit Ultra Natural Affinity Foundation powder in light beige ochre b01

I have used this for more than a year. I've gone through 2 pans of this powder and still have 2 more backups. Its a powder specially designed for asian skin therefore it is more yellowtoned. It has a tiny specks of glitter and is full coverage. Stays on all day and I have no complaints about this. I think that this has been repackaged or discontinued though :(

Best Cream Blush: Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless sculpting blush in 210

(Not in the picture above) Very pretty dark coral color great for a base for powder blush and can also be worn on its own because it is pigmented enough. Good for the skin because it's blended with some olay ingredients :P

Best Powder Blush: Cabana Boy by the Balm

Although I have used a lot of different blushes, I still always go back to this. It's a pretty dark dusty pink color with a bit of shimmer to it, very natural on the skin, very pigmented and stays on all day. I do believe that this is better than my MAC ones, and even though sleek is a pretty though competitor, this still wins because of its staying power and absolutely gorgeous packaging. It has a lot of product to so you get your money's worth, and is multipurpose because it is also marketed as an eyeshadow like most of the balm's cardboard blushes are. Downboy is a pretty pale pink color too but I use this more.soo yeah :P

Best Bronzer: Bahama Mama by the Balm

Would've chosen Physician's Formula Happy Booster but this one is better for contouring and I use this everyday.

Best Highlighter: Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Semi Precious Crystal Pink and The Body Shop's Shimmer waves blush in the shade Rose

A tie. (Both not in the picture cause I just remembered to put them here) but very pretty highlighters. Shimmer waves is more on the pinky side because it is advertised as a blush, eyeshadow and highlighter and the MSF Crystal Pink is more on the champagne and the bronze/ golden awesomeness side of a highlighter.

Best Eyeshadow Quad: Covergirl Eyeenhancers in Country Woods

Very neutral and easy to wear shades that I've worn religiously for a long time.

Most Used Eyeshadows: 88 Warm Palette

(Not in the picture above) Have been trying to consume a lot of this colors for months and I have no complaints because the colors are very pretty, perfect for everyday wear, and my mom loves it too. Sorry I forgot to put it in the picture above but I'm sure that you can find it on google if you would like to see what it looks like :P

Best Pencil Eyeliner: Nyx's slide on, glide on, stay on, and definitely a turn on waterproof eyeliner in jetblack

Don't think I have to explain why but it's the best eyeliner i've ever tried. Highly pigmented, very creamy and stays on all day. It doesn't smudge and it doesn't go dull during the day.

Best Gel Liner: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

I've just recently purchased this but it immediately made the list. Great pigmentation. The brush the comes with it is excellent for application, stays on all day.

Best Eye Primer: Rubenesque Paintpot by MAC

Orangey gold color that is perfect for any look. It just warms up the lids and this color can stand alone even without eyeshadow on top. Yes it is that pretty. Bare study was a little to frosty looking for me. So I've used this a lot more.

Best Tinted Lip Conditioner: Sleek Makeup Pout Polish spf 15 in Perfect Plum

Awesome pigmentation, love the smell, stays on longer than most lip products i've tried, not sticky and conditions my lips like it claims to be. Way better than Mac's tinted lip conditioner.

Most Used Lipstick/s: MAC's speeddial, Gem of Roses, Ravishing

I chose three because I used them based on my look and what color I felt like wearing. So speed dial is a blue-based pink cremesheen, gem of roses is like a rosey pink basically a very natural color (my lip color) lustre lipstick and ravishing is a pretty coral cremesheen finish lipstick

Most Used Lipgloss: Show Me! Prolong wear lipglass by MAC

Very pretty neutral shade with hints of gold. Long lasting , a bit sticky but smells good so i can live with that. I was supposed to pic Geopink cremesheen glass for this which is a pretty dusty coral shade but I find that I have been wearing this a lot more.

Best Brush: Elf Flattop Complexion Brush

(Not in the picture above) Yes this beats most of my Sigma Brushes and Ecotools ones. I use this for anything and it is very soft and has gone through hell with me for months without shedding.

Best Perfume: Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

(Not in the picture shown above) Not enough words to describe it but its the best perfume I've ever had and I have tried a lot so it's saying something :P

PS. Advance Happy New Year!


Readables before 2012

I have recently cleaned my room and I've noticed that there are a lot of books that are still in their plastic covers, obviously untouched let alone read. So one of my pre-new year resolution was to take 5 books at a time and read them during breaks or something. So I mixed different "genres" of books so that I won't get bored of reading. I chose all of these from my bookshelf (yes I have a lot of books. I love reading)

I chose:
David sedaris : when you are engulfed in flames

When You Are Engulfed in Flames is a collection of essays by bestselling American humorist David Sedaris. It was released on June 3, 2008.

Sedaris's sixth book assembles essays on various situations such as trying to make coffee when the water is shut off, associations in the French countryside, buying drugs in a mobile home in rural North Carolina, having a lozenge fall from your mouth into the lap of a fellow passenger on a plane, armoring windows with LP covers to protect the house from neurotic songbirds, lancing a boil from another's backside, and venturing to Japan to quit smoking. Little, Brown and Company issued a first-run hardcover release of 100,000 copies.

Chuck Palahniuk : diary

Diary is a 2003 novel by Chuck Palahniuk. The book is written like a diary, its writer/narrator/main character is Misty Wilmot, a once-promising young artist currently working as a waitress in a hotel, although it never actually states who the narrarator is, it's safe to assume that it is Misty. Her husband, a contractor, is in a coma after a suicide attempt. According to the description on the back of Diary, Misty "soon finds herself a pawn in a larger conspiracy that threatens to cost hundreds of lives."
Diary loosely falls into the modern horror genre, putting aside violence and shock tactics in favour of psychological scares and dark humor.

Hitori Nakano: train man

The “Train Man” in question is a hopeless anime geek (think the worst kind of Star Trek nerd). His type is so typical in Japan they have a word for it that’s instantly understood, otaku. He’s never had a date, doesn’t talk to women, communicates through his computer, and spends all his money on anime and merchandise. But one day on a train ride home he finds the courage to confront a drunk who is bothering some women, and is confused to find himself called a hero, especially by one young office lady who later sends him a gift in thanks.

Confused, he turns to the internet, specifically the single guy’s channel on the mega forum 2chan called Poison Men (a real forum btw). He tells them he met a girl, and that he doesn’t have a clue, and asks what to do. Advice slowly starts pouring in from all the anonymous lonely people on the forum: “Call her and thank her.” “Do it today.” “Gather your courage.” Slowly, with the help of these people online who are anxiously watching the events, he begins to believe in himself, and begins to think that maybe he has a chance to win her heart.

This story is so popular in Japan that it spawned movies, a TV series, and four separate manga series.

R.l stine : Fear: 13 stories of suspense and horror

Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror is a 2010 horror anthology edited by R. L. Stine. It was published on September 2010 by Dutton Juvenile in the United States. It contains the following stories: "Welcome to the Club" by R. L. Stine, "She's Different Tonight" by Heather Graham, "Suckers" by Suzanne Weyn, "The Perfects" by Jennifer Allison, "Shadow Children" by Heather Brewer, "The Poison Ring" by Peg Kehret, "Dragonfly Eyes" by Alane Ferguson, "Jeepers Peepers" by Ryan Brown, "Piney Power" by F. Paul Wilson, "The Night Hunter" by Meg Cabot, "Tuition" by Walter Sorrells, "Tagger" by James Rollins and "Ray Gun" by Tim Maleeny.

H.C Carlton : heaven, hell & mademoiselle

Get drawn in to the glamorous world of 1960s Parisian fashion in this page-turning, highly commercial blockbuster...HEAVEN, HELL AND MADEMOISELLE follows the stories of four young fashion-obsessed people trying to make it big in the late 1960s world of Paris haute couture. Sophie is a beautiful Parisian girl from one of the city's most influential families. She finds herself working as a Chanel model when a sudden discovery about her family roots shatters her previously cosy and privileged existence... Monique has left her lowly family home in Angers to become a seamstress in the house of Chanel. As she arrives at 9.30am on her first day of work, two beautiful girls in grey dresses emerge from the house holding flacons of Chanel No.5 and spray scent into the street. Will all of Monique's dreams come true in this magical place? Christopher is London born and bred and the experience of Paris's swinging 60s left bank lifestyle expands his horizons in more ways than one. His quest to become a top fashion designer brings him into contact with a world of glamour, sex and parties he could never have imagined... Samantha is a Jewish princess, freshly arrived from New York, and with a fantastic fashion publicity job courtesy of Hungarian Daddie's impeccable contacts in the garment industry. Will this loud, opinionated American ever be accepted by the sophisticated Parisian ladies that she must mix with? As the destinies of these four gifted individuals unfold, they intertwine with none other than the elderly and enigmatic Coco Chanel herself...

So these books are a mixture of horror, a bit of comedy, ambition, romance and thriller.

So excited. I'll definitely start reading tonight. My deadline for these is before my term starts which is on january 4 2012.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

a little pre-christmas saturday haul

Went a little crazy for the past few weeks. Shopping like crazy I felt like I lost a lot of weight.haha I got my people presents and then I got myself a brown version of the lace top I bought the other day, because that one was black. Then I went to the bpi sale at smx and I got this pretty limited edition ellie blazer from plains and prints. Its so unique cause it has gold zippers around it so you can detach the other half and make it a nice black bolero. I also got a marie claire aviators because I don't have nice shades to wear so now is the time to get I've never really found nice shades that fit me perfectly, not until I found this. I chose this over the dior and michael kors one which has leopard prints in it.

Went guy present shopping and it was totally successful :p

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

huge world trade haul part 2

Went with my bestfriend and tine to the world trade noel bazaar today. The first time I went there I really did not get much stuff. So now I just decided to look more closely and see if I could find good items at the bazaar. And that was definitely a good decision. I got 14 items 10 of which are clothing items which had really good quality with just a fraction of a normal clothing shop's price. I got a crackle nailpolish , a watch box which was not in this picture because I gave this to my mom already , two necklaces and a starting over planner for my brother which is very unique and I am tempted to get one for myself as well. My bestfriend also got me a cute make up back as a back up for when my current make up bag gets dirty. :) come to think of it, I think I got more than 14 things.. awesome cause I only spent about 3k plus for all of it :)

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random before-the-gym haul

I just hate window shopping. I could never really master the "art" of window shopping. The no-buy thing is soo hard.. so as I was walking to the gym I stopped by watsons just to check out what's on sale. And I found a lot. Took my time to look at the maybelline stuff and I decided to finally get my hands on a mascara .As previously stated, I never really considered using a mascara. I didn't really think that it would make a difference. So I picked up the maybelline waterproof long extreme stiletto. I was supposed to get the volume express one or the one that curls your lashes but I went with this because the lady told me that this was the lengthening kind.

then I was supposed to try the pencil liner or the felt tip liner also by maybelline. But I found this gel liner called lasting drama gel eyeliner in 01 black. I have never tried to wear a gel liner so I figured since it is on sale, might as well try it. This one comes with a liner brush.

the last item I got is a christmas pack from garnier containing the bb eye roll on and the brightening eye roll on.I'm almost out of my first bb eye roll on so I thought that it was such a bargain to get this both for a consolidated price.

tempted to go back and get more things just to take advantage of the sale. I tried the gel liner and the mascara today and it was quite good. So excited to test those out more. :)

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

MAC StyleDriven Collection: Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Dress It Up

I got this lipstick a few days back. I hadn't had time to post it here which was fine because I wanted to test it out first. This lipstick came from the Styledriven collection.

It is a beautiful pale pink color. It's actually a blue based pink which is nice cause it makes your teeth whiter. Not too loud which is great cause it could make a good everyday color paired with maybe a smokey eye or a very bright shimmery eye combo. Kinda similar to Nyx's Narcissus or Mac's Viva Glam Gaga but a lot more wearable. The lipstick itself is very creamy and i don't think it has a specific finish but I'd say it's like a amplified/luster finish. As for the Pro longwear claim, it does stay on longer than the regular Mac lipsticks but I wouldn't really say that it would stay on my lips for 16 hours.

As for the packaging, it is obviously very different from the regular mac lipsticks as it has a matte cylinder tube and it does appear bigger but I think that it has the same amount. One thing I have hated for 3 days though was the packaging. I twisted it up and when I tried to twist it down, it just wouldn't budge. It got stuck there and I had to push it in. I was so scared that the lipstick might break because it is creamier than the other Mac formulas.I don't know what i did but eventually it worked fine again.I'm also not fond of the creaminess of the lipstick or the packaging because when you twist it up, the lipstick inside the tube kinda rubs off on the side causing you to lose the product on the side and the tube will look grungy so every time you use it you just have to clean up the sides of the tube. Not sure if I will get the other colors or just get colors from the regular line. Nice lipstick though and smells great just like all the other Mac lipsticks.



Saturday, December 3, 2011

World bazaar haul

Never thought I would actually get tired strolling inside a bazaar. It was so big and it was just too much. Although a lot of stuff were similar after a while it gets tiring to look at the same stuff. There were nice things but most were advertisements of already known brands.

I got black croc skin doll shoes from the shoe room, I love their shoes its so soft and it feels like I'm wearing just socks. I will have a customized one soon though. Black and pink combo :) I got a white loose shirt that says light time, I really don't understand what that meant but I do plan to just pair it with shorts or jeans.. perfect for a lazy school day.. and then I got a pink door hanger and three labels for it, I'm gonna put that outside my room because the people in this house keeps barging in my room like its no big deal. I got a spiky silver bib type necklace , I've always wanted one and I saw this in forever 21 good thing I didn't get it there because this is way cheaper and light.

Might go back there to get the watch box for my mom as a christmas present. Really good quality and it isn't that expensive so I could get it with out

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Current nailpolish purchase

I totally forgot to post this here .haha but this is nothing special I was at my local/mall grocery when I found a huge variety of nailpolishes from brands that I have never heard of. So I decided to try some because they are very very affordable, they have some nice colors and if it blows, then it'd be okay since I didn't really spend much on it.

So I got 3 nailpolishes:

A green one for the christmas season called evergreen from La Belle and its a frosty green color.. nothing special. Worn it last week and it does stay on long but you have to keep layering to get the same color as the bottle, id say around 4 coats. The glitter part is a bit rough though but its fine I have no complaints.

I got a clear nailpolish because I need one and its from sweet cherry. No need to elaborate on this one :p

The last nailpolish I got is from OMG nail colors by klik called happy hour. This is a unique color for me because it looks black,purple, brown, with red glitters or pink ones.. idunno its just crazy but from afar it looks like a dark polish with red glitter. Oohh its just hard to describe I am wearing this today and it looks great it makes my hand look clean and bright :)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Haul

Hahaha so happy that I don't have classes to wake up to today. So I got some stuff.. a lipstick holder, a blush magazine which in my book, is better than cosmo :)) I also got a MAC prolong wear lipcreme in Dress it up, I'll post a separate video for that.. and finally I got the novel one day by david nichols , it was so intriguing in the shelf and it was made as a movie so I don't know it must be good :))

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Starbucks planner 2012

I finally got it! At first glance I didn't really how it looked, it seemed so small and not worth collecting stickers for. But when I found out that it was for a good cause I started to like this planner more and more. Proceeds will go to spark hope and this planner is also earth friendly. It is made with 70% recycled paper produced by the FSC (forest stewardship council).

so there are 5 designs to choose from and I picked the second darkest color spruce. I was thinking of getting cherry but it was already sold out. It comes with a bookmark,coupons for complimentary drinks and other stuff, and a hemp bag I think this is.. there are two pockets on the inside which was designed for you to be able to put your phone and some other stuff inside. I honestly liked this idea because sometimes I get too lazy to bring a decent bag to school that I come there with just my pen and phone. Now with this pouch I can easily put my pen,phone and whatever inside and I can go to class without looking lazy and unprepared.

I find the planner a bit heavy though considering its size.the cover is made with cardboard that they made it look like wood. The inside of the planner is good. Big enough to write on and it also has a paper slot on the back to store small papers in.

overall I think that this would make a great christmas gift cause just think about get delicious coffee, you help save the planet, you help save children in different baranggays and you get a planner, a bookmark, a pouch and coupons :) really really great deal :)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday haul

Not a big one. I just got two skirts from forever 21 which I wasn't really planning to get but since I couldn't find any good jeans I just decided to get these instead.

I also got an olay natural white all in one fairness nightcream. I have uneven skintone so I'm gonna try this and we'll see if it helps. Olay usually has excellent products.

I got just a telephone wire hair tie from pink box and a herball essences hello hydration moisturizing shampoo with a fusion of hawaiian coconut and orchid. I've heard a lot of good things about herbal essences it was a little more expensive than my usual loreal shampoo but if it makes a huge difference guess I'll switch to this one instead :)
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Friday, November 11, 2011

So this is how it feels to win.. Ft. SLEEK MAKE UP

Hooraaayy! I won Sleek's Saab Magalona's birthday giveaway :) The first 10 to like the Sleek Make up ph page will get a blush and a pout polish. And I didn't really know this until the last 5 minutes of the contest. I luckily got in and I received the Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink which I have a back up of because i ordered the same thing a month ago from another seller so It's pretty impossible for me to consume this as it is 8g and the fact that I have tons of blushes. I also got a Pout polish.

This is the Pixie Pink blush. It is a really bright pink, it is still very wearable and it has an amazing staying power. I do have to say that it is not the brightest blush I own, it is the more wearable version of the balm's downboy. It's matte and very pigmented so I apply this with a stippling blush just like my sleek blush in scandalous.

This is the Sleek Pout polish in Perfect Plum. I've worn this today and it's a stand-out product. It stays longer than a lipstick, it is very pigmented, creamy and hydrating. It smells really good a mac tinted lip conditioner but better. I feel that it is pretty similar to Mac's lipstick in captive.

Rating: 5/5


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polishes

I got two nail polishes the other day from the face shop because I have never seen a midnight blue nail polish that doesn't look cheap on my hand. So I checked out the Face Shop and surprisingly, their nail polishes are extremely affordable. Way cheaper than Nyx nail polishes. I was supposed to get this one and another glittery blue but I saw this pretty clear nailpolish that had multicolored glitter and hearts in it and I fell in love almost instantly. I have never seen a nail polish with hearts inside so I freaked out and even though I was on my no buy phase, I ignored it and just got these. :))

sorry for the crappy application :))


Sunday, November 6, 2011

LUSH soap -Angel's delight soap

I don't really know what to say about this soap :)) it's part of their holiday collection along with 2 soaps one that looks like a candy cane and the other is green with white spots that has a strong citrus smell. So anyway this soap was the prettiest in there because it was very colorful and I believe that it has some kind of glitter strips inserted in the mold itself.

They describe this soap as juicy fruity soap that can make dirty angels clean or something like that. It smells a lot like tangerine very fruity reminds me of the jellyace that I always ate when I was a kid. Like some fruity treat. I've never tried things from their christmas collection before so I might go back and get the snow fairy balm, I don't like the snow fairy shower gel cause I'm not fan of the bubble gum scent it has.

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Tiny trip to the mall

So sad that I didn't get my mask of magnaminty :( sold out already :(

But I did get the angel's delight soap which is limited edition and is released only for the christmas season and it smells like tangerine and just very fruity :)

I also got two nail polishes from the face shop I honestly haven't noticed that they had awesome colors before. I got a midnight blue colored one and a glittery clear nailpolish with hearts in em :)

And then I got earphones. Cheap ones that I will use for the time being as I am still on my cost cutting period :)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maybelline Tiny haul

Today at the grocery I got the baby lips in menthol spf 20 which I do not love because it smells like my mother's back ointment but it feels cooling on the lips and then I got their maybelline eye studio crayon eyeliner "super blendable,smudgeproof, and long lasting" not sure if those are true but I love the eyeliner itself because its almost as pigmented as my favorite nyx glide-on eyeliner in jetblack. Happy to have found this for such a cheap price because I didn't really like the pigmentation on the other liners I saw like the max factor, revlon and cover girl. :)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So happy to see muji there. I just got a dual sided hexagonal pen in pink and black and then a cosmetic sharpener . Yeah boring I know. But I saw those pretty acrylic drawers that will look perfect for my vanity which I was very tempted to buy if only I wasn't on my saving period. I could not spend anything big and I could not buy any make up until I get through atleast 50% of the contents of all my other make up which will take me forever -_- muji is really worth checking out. In about 3 months if I really really need those containers I will get them #excited
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sleek Blush in Scandalous


Along with that Milani Blush that has been posted earlier, I also got this Sleek blush in Scandalous. It is a Tomato Red Blush. Looks very bright and scary in the pan, I got a little intimidated at first but when blended, it looks a lot more natural than most of the pinks or peaches I own. A bit hard to blend than the other blushes I have. I love almost everything about it. I love the Sleek packaging as their name suggests, I love the amount that I get for a cheap price.. It has 8g of product, almost double or even triple the amount of other blushes, and you couldn't even tell because it looks pretty small. It is a bit heavy though. It looks really expensive and well made which made me very excited to get my two other sleek blushes that I pre ordered from another seller as well as the Sleek Storm I-divine palette which will be coming by November.

I don't think that I would ever finish this blush mainly because I can only finish a blush if its the only blush I use for an entire year, but since I have a lot of blushes, I'm pretty sure that this may look full by the time it expires which is 24 months from now. It's very pigmented so I know that I would barely need to touch up for it to last the whole day.

This is an excellent dupe for NARS Exhibit A.

Very very impressed.



Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Weee I finally got a blush from this brand! haha pre-ordered it from Digital Traincase,she's an awesome seller btw I think it is my third time to order from her online shop and I believe that she has a standing store in ortigas.

Anyway, this blush has been much loved by a lot of bloggers and beauty gurus on youtube and I can already see why. It's such a pretty peach color with gold sheen. THIS IS A 99% DUPE FOR THE BALM'S HOT MAMA Blush so If you can't get this, get that one and vice versa. Kinda disappointed about that because I do not want to have two similar blushes cause I believe that it is a waste of money. Wish I just chose a different color. Oh well I'll just be extra careful next time :|

I don't love the packaging because it's kinda cheap looking, the materials aren't really strong enough to be tousled around the bag so guess I can't take this to school. It does come with a small brush and a mirror at the back of it.

It's 3.5 g btw :)



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beyonce HEAT perfume

Dear brother got this for me when he went to Singapore and this was the perfume that was kinda similar to reb'l fleur by rihanna which I love. The bottle is kinda small but for me its fine because I still have a lot of stuff to go through. It smells kinda floral but a bit musky through the day. Awesome.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAC Blush in Melba

Gave in to the temptation of busting out my not so extra cash. Went to powerplant today, the usual story happened-stumbled into a mac store went in, swatched, had the urge to get this best seller blush and then without dignity, went to the counter and paid for it.

I honestly feel ashamed of getting stuff almost every week and this is not even cheap enough to forgive. Guess I really have a problem :(

So on to the blush. I really don't think that this needs an introduction because its one of the most talked about blush by mac. So to me its like a dirty peach blush. Would look really pretty for most if not all skintones. It is a matte finish which really got me to get this today because I do not own a matte peach blush and I need one to use on top of my cream color base in seaside. Its very pigmented, may appear a bit chalky when swatched but when applied and blended on the cheeks it looks a lot more natural. I was so tempted to get the more brighter sides of the peachy spectrum which was foolish me, it has a frost finish and really really bright. Might go back for that though. Its new here in the philippines and the lady told me that they only had 2 in stock.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

i forgot to add a dark shade from my choices earlier

Oh well... -_- these are all mac btw. L-R (gem of roses,speed dial, lip blossum,oh oh oh,ravishing,viva glam gaga ii,captive
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mah lipstick brings all the boys in the yard... LOL

Hahaha random test post from my galaxy pro. Used my bloggerdroid to post this. So yeah right now I'm looking for a good everyday lipstick in my little stash
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

MAC StyleDriven Collection: Pro Longwear Lipglass

I finally got my hands on one of the Pro Longwear items. SHOW ME! Pro Longwear Lipglass. I was sooo inlove with the swatches of Whoops, Full Speed Ahead and Driven by Love but in person, to me it was a bit of a let down. This however was not strikingly beautiful but it is sooooo good on the lips.It's just like a dirty rose color, I'd say Gem of Roses in Lipglass form. Which I tried to pair it with today and it is perfect. Might be my new lip combo. The lipglass itself is a bit hard to apply because you have to drag on the color and it is a bit sticky. This lipglass also has a different applicatior which makes it easier to apply because it is flat on both sides but still had a rounded tip. The smell is still good, like all MAC lip products. The color is opaque so it could be worn alone or paired with a lipstick/lip liner

Rating: 4/5


MAC Me Over Collection: Cream Colour Base

Yehey! Finally gave up and got the Cream Colour Base in Seaside. It's just too pretty to pass up. A cream colour base is just a nice base for your eyes, lips and cheeks. But for this specific cream colour base, it is not safe for the lips... It is kinda sad though because this would make a pretty shimmery pinky peach color. It looked awesome on the cheeks and the eyelids though. I though this was similar to Bare study or Rubenesque but it was so different because Rubenesque has a more golden look to it and Bare study has a white sheen.It is very unique and is another must-have from MAC. It cost 950php.


Rating: 5/5


MAC Me Over & MAC StyleDriven Collection

If you've been visiting my blog recently (yesterday) you know that I got some stuff from the MAC me over collection. And today while I was waiting for the rain to stop so I can go home, I went to check the MAC counter in Marionnaud again. I couldn't stop myself from getting the CCB because it was sooo pretty and I know that I would be able to use this. The lady even told me that I was lucky because that was the last one and she even gave me the "honorary opportunity" to put the SOLD OUT sticker on the CCB sample. hahaha. :) As for the lipgloss, I was supposed to get Driven by Love and Whoops from the styledriven collection but I ended up getting this instead. It was so pretty and wearable where as the other two were very loud.

Happy with my purchase not happy with how my mom reacted though (she doesn't want me spending that much on a lipgloss or whatever cosmetic thing) but I can't help myself because that's what makes me happy :)


Saturday, October 1, 2011

MAC Brush Cleaner

Finally got my hands on the MAC brush cleaner. I have been meaning to get this for a while but I never found the need to rush because I can keep my brushes clean with just some shampoo and oil. Recently, I realized that I needed a quick clean for my brushes because there are instances where I just really didn't have the time to deep clean them and to wait for them to dry because of school. I tried it a bit before I wrote this blog and it seemed to really clean my brushes. Which just a few drops it made my stippling brush and contour brush white again and it felt really soft. Another good buy today :)This was 680 php.

Rating: 5/5


MAC Me Over Collection: Oh,Oh,Oh lipstick

I got this today at Marionnaud (Mall of Asia) for Php 1000 (Yes they've increased the prices of their products..sad i know :( ) It is a lustre lipstick and I never really taught I'd this because the final list, I only had Outre and Equilibrium. When I saw this I got really curious because it looked extremely unattractive in the tube. It's like a muddy metallic brown with gold shimmers. But when I swatched it, it just blew me away. It turned into a sheer raspberry color with just a hint of shimmer, very wearable and it looked like it will suit a lot of skintones. Good thing I got this because the products there were selling out fast. This was definitely a good buy because I have not seen anything like it before. On my lips it looked a lot more plummy pink which i liked a lot :>

Rating: 5/5


MAC Me Over Collection: Equilibrium Blush

Love the name! This is actually the reason why I had to rush to the mall today. Just to have this would make my entire day perfect. It is a satin finish, it's a light-medium brown with gold shimmers. It would work as a contour color for light skintones and a nice blush especially for medium skintones. I tried this on my face and to me it looked a little peachy brown which I can't really explain why because it was supposed to have some pink to it. It looked really nice and it was sooo worth every penny. I don't understand why Stunner was already sold out instead of this one because this seemed more unique. I guess Filipinos love the typical pink cheeks which I'm sure they have a ton of (like me).

Rating:5/5 :">