Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BB Cream is LOVE :)

Foundations really makes a person old. Although it does cover a woman's imperfections it will always have its side effects. So now I choose to use BB Cream since its lightweight and although it is sometimes more expensive the power, cream and liquid foundations, and it has a lighter coverage it is more beneficial to the skin and it makes the face look more natural even with make-up on :) No wonder Korean's have such awesome skin :"> The Americans go gaga over it and a lot of different brand names have already tried to formulate their own version of a BB cream cause they know its gonna be a big hit :"> I can't wait to go to Singapore on June because I'd definitely go on a shopping spree of make up :> and tons of BB cream as a lifetime supply :>
Really thankful that a product such as this existed on the face of the earth. I have a dry and acne prone skin so I need a lot of protection compared to others and I believe that it has helped me a lot along with my other skin care products :"> So yeah I just wanna talk about my new holy grail before I rest :">

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