Friday, February 25, 2011

My Goofy Goober Friends: Day at the Gym

Today was uber fun! I went to the gym with my two long-time bestfriends and we had so much fun! We went to hypermarket to buy stuff so we can cook sinigang na hipon which was really really good by the way.. We finished the whole thing :)) so yeah the workout didn't really take into effect today :) But i'll definitely make up for it :) I realized how I missed these people :) How we used to go to lunch together every single day in high school, how we go uber kilig when we see our crushed walking past, and the really embarrassing but memorable moments together when we were in just one place. College is just very different. I'm not saying its not great... It is but its just not as important as in high school. In college you get to meet with people who aren't that real to you, sometimes they just use you for their own selfish advantage, and some are only part-time friends. I did met great people in college... I'm just not certain if they are going to be there for good..I hope so. So tonight I will do homework... Cause I'm going for a 360 on my work ethic... haha. so yeah. :)

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