Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My LIP Addiction

I'm crazy for lip products! Lipsticks, lipgloss, lip scrubs, tinted lip spas, balms, everything! I wanna have a ginormous collection of lipsticks but of course only the good ones especially MAC. I got so depressed when I didn't get the Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick that after that I actually subscribed to their website so i'd know if their replenishing the stocks. I am obsessed with bright lip colors. Particularly Pink and Red sometimes even Coral in between. It just gives me that OOMPH I'm looking for. When I get too lazy to do my make-up I resolve into putting a bright lipstick that makes me look fresh and prepared. I don't know but I don't really like the local products we have. There's really something wrong with the formulation and it doesn't really smell as nice as I'd want it too. So I'd rather spend a lot to get a good lipstick than spend so little and just felt depraved of the goodness of life. I would never forget the awesome lipstick I got in Singapore I forgot the name but it was in this really girly shop and it had a nice hot pink color to it.. smells nice compared to regular lipsticks that taste like plastic and tampers with your food.. I also loved the Face shop's lipglosses and I must say that its very affordable too.. I just don't know where I placed it but I'm pretty sure its somewhere in this house.hahaha :))

My current obsession is MAC's speed dial which has a very pretty blue pink color and it keeps my lips hydrated all day and the color doesn't wear of easily. My lips got really dry and chapped last week so I tried applying the Nivea Angel Star Balm, and it was effected for a while but then I noticed that there was a new layer of skin being created so I took out my speed dial and decided to put that on instead. I was supposed to get MAC's bombshell but they were sold out. It smells really great. Its vanilla and I love it :"> Now I'm looking at NYX's lip products and I kinda like Narcissus, Strawberry Milk and Jupiter.. There were also some nude shades that I love even though its not really my type cause I think brown is a lip's corpse color. Oh oh and the other day I saw lipsticks from human heart nature or something like that. The color looked nice but I'm not sure If I'm gonna purchase that because most of their products smell like fruit or something unpleasant that you really don't want it to be near your face and especially on it. Plus I saw some feedbacks that the color didn't really stay on and the shade was very much different from the picture. So yes I am having doubts. Oh and I'm starting to love wearing an orangey-red lipstick cause it creates that phenomenal image of a pin-up girl that is so hot right now. Before I thought red was too overrated and was for people who had no taste but it has definitely proven itself to me and now I'm having a craving to collect different shades of red lipsticks :>

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