Monday, February 7, 2011

Philosophy Time: Addie's BucketList

My Past Futuristic Concerns

1. Get rid of all religion

2. Go sight-seeing around the world

3. Help out at least a million people

4. Write a book and get it published

5. Experience an authentic black mass

6. Go on an archaeological dig

7. Be a doctor

8. Finish a degree in law

9. Start a business

10. Have a lavish collection of antiques

11. Go cliff diving and other extreme sports

12. Figure out if there really is such thing as the end of the world

13. Live in Jupiter

This is the list of the things that I want to do before I die. My past futuristic concerns. Up to this day most of the things listed here are the things that I am still aiming for. These are things that I must accomplish before I go into nothingness. None of us are sure of where we are going after this life. If there is even a heaven or hell waiting for us. If there is reincarnation or whatever it is that people are assuming that they will experience after they leave this world we are living in. I want to live life to the fullest. Maybe that’s why I’m so inclined with Satanism because that’s exactly how I want to live my life: Without fear for other people or a higher entity, just pure belief on my capabilities and of others as well. I want to influence people, make a mark that would change lives forever. When I was a kid I already found religion as a bordering factor that separates people and cause them to turn against each other. I wanted pure peace and understanding so right then and there I wanted to get rid of it. I want to see the world. How it really is in every angle, how it evolves through time. I want to see historical places and feel a sense of belonging in a unfamiliar place. I want to help at least a million people. There are billions of us inhabiting this planet but only a few million people are willing to lend a hand. Only a few dreamers believe in a good kind of change, those who have unselfish desires. I know that no one can be completely selfless. Everyone has a certain kind of motivation on why they do these things. For me, I want to help people because making their lives better makes me feel good inside. It helps me sleep at night knowing that I not only influenced them to thrive for survival, I gave them a boost for them to get there. I want to write a book and get in published. I want people to see a different perspective in life. I want them to listen to what I have to say because I believe that I have an innate ability to bring out a unique thought out of almost everything. I want to experience an authentic black mass. I want to see how it differs to the traditional practices of the catholic church where I first belonged. When I was young I’ve dreamt of becoming an archaeologist. I was deeply fascinated with old things that contains a tantamount of historical value. I want to be a doctor, an entrepreneur and a lawyer. I believe that these are two very noble occupations and I could also uplift myself and my family if I ever become one of these. I want to have a collection of antiques so I could establish a museum that would represent the value of the past. I want to experience cliff diving and other extreme sports. Like Nietzche, I want to live life on the edge. I want to experience a different kind of rush. I want to do the things that people are afraid to do because they hold on too much on their lives that they rarely do anything to live it. I want to live in Jupiter. I want to see what it looks like and how it feels to live alone in an unfamiliar planet with 22 moons orbiting it. Lastly, I want to figure out if there really is such a thing as the end of the world. People make such a big deal out of it, there are a lot of historical accounts about their beliefs and preparations of the coming doomsday but it never came. I want to put an end to all the commotion. As you can see, my main concerns are about my own happiness and fulfillment. If I am happy to help others then that’s what I’m going to do. If I have to suffer first before I achieve these things then so be it. I know that at the end of the day, these goals would always be my motivation to live each day and do something good in my life.

Friedrich Nietzche and Martin Heidegger

These are two great existentialists. Their philosophy is somewhat similar to one another and can also be related to Max Stirner’s Philosophy of Egoism. Nietzche believed in the “will to power.” He claimed that “God is dead”. He turns away from the notions of a metaphysical concept and the spiritual dimension. All moral decisions should be based on the subjective will of the self. It must not be interfered by an outside factor. One must assert their power and superiority over life. He believed that the key to rise to power is to overcome all barriers and constraints. His definition of “GOOD” is everything that increases the feeling of power and “BAD” as everything that proceeds from weakness and cowardice. From there he derived the concept of the Ubermensch. This is a person who lives life on the edge and to the fullest. A person whose beliefs is stronger than anyone else. It is a person who thrive on challenges and exposes one’s self to novelties in life. Martin Heidegger on the other hand, talks about the Das man and the Dasein which translates into the inauthentic and authentic self. The Das man could be identified through self-realization through communion with other selves, and a feel of angst while the Dasein or the “being” talks about the projection towards the future.

I really want to live life on the edge but I guess it is very hard to just throw the security that we are all insured of now. It is hard to choose the life of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, with no direction and just think spontaneously and act according to spontaneous decisions. I want to experience everything while I can. As I have stated earlier, I have no idea of there really is an afterlife. On where would I be after I die. So better live it now or die with regrets. Let your own decisions prevail and not the things that are being dictated by society because you hold your own life, you are responsible for it. Only you know what is good for you and they can’t tell you otherwise. I actually think it would be hypocritical for them tell others what to do when the fact is that they can’t even provide happiness and stability to their own life. They are also being manipulated by other people whose life is no more special than they are. No one knows what is generally right for people because truth and happiness lies in one’s self. There are no such thing as objective values or truths. Everything is subjective whether we choose to believe it or not.

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