Saturday, February 5, 2011

The "Sillyness" of it all..

Yesterday I realized how much people can change. How emotions affect a person in more ways than they could ever imagine. Sometimes it overpowers your sanity and more often than not, using your heart over your mind will get you a slap on the face result that is just painful and humiliating. One day you're happy the next day you're something else. People get disappointed, hearts are breaking everywhere and no one is never really happy. I would blabber in this particular post about everything I think about before I fall asleep.

Like the term "selflessness" If we really think about it, is there really selflessness in anyone? I don't think so. People would always have a motive with everything they do no matter how small.They act according to the fruits that they can reap. Like donating and outreach programs for the marginalized. They don't do it because of the "goodness" of their hearts, they do it because somehow, somewhere in that act they find happiness and contentment for themselves. So its not really beneficial for just one side, its always a two-sided pros and cons. "Religion" what does it really mean to have a religion? a group of people sharing the same practices worshipping a "holy relic" and gathering for sunday bingo? I don't find it necessary to have a particular religion since it is created by the same people who destroy what the one who created us has made. A lot of times they have shown hypocrisy but still consider themselves holy. What gives? Why do religions clash? Why do they have to fight? My answer for that is power. Domination and change. To be able to set a standard for the weak and the strong. I say boycott religion and just let the people believe what they want to believe. Don't tell them what's wrong and right. They can decide for themselves. Don't brainwash them with your made-up stories because the moment they find a flaw, that little lie will come back and hit you like a bitch. What is the good and the bad? How could you tell? Could you really set a standard for what it is when the fact remains that opinion of the people comes from different aspects and no thought is ever the same. How bout love? What IS love? how can someone say it is or it is not? BLAARG. A lot of questions coming to mind. Information overload. Will continue this with another blog. :)

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