Friday, February 18, 2011

Weight Loss with Fitness First

Remember what I've been telling you about last time about me going to the gym? Well yeah I'm still happy and active about that.. and guess what? My mom and Uncle joined Fitness First as well. Hahahaa so weird... At first they were so against it and now they're enrolled. Crazy crazy people :))

I'm so exhausted right now and I'll definitely sleep after this blog... I'm gonna work out tomorrow again with them and then on Sunday with my friends. I really hope I can keep up with this kind of lifestyle. Its starting to feel sinful to eat foods that make me look like a whale. Like earlier I went to McDonalds and ordered one piece chicken rice meal. After that I thought, "my efforts are wasted, I still keep eating I will never lose weight" so now I'm gonna start to eat healthy and eat less.

I don't feel comfortable with what ever I'm doing these days... a stroke of bad luck is nothing compared to what's slowly happening to me now. I do hope that this will all be over soon... It's just so depressing... I should be happy too...

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