Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weight Loss with Hiphop Abs

Lately I've been having a hard time getting my old body back. from the old 117 lbs.... I am now disappointingly 146 lbs. and maybe heavier because of the double down I ate tonight. I swear I think I have Diabetes now from all the chocolate I ate and the fatty foods. I never expected to get this huge. My clothes won't fit anymore and it seems like i don't care and it's hard because its super bad for my health since my condition does not permit me to be fat like a lot of people are (no offense) . So now I'm looking at a lot of diet plans and workout videos and other motivations I could get just to lose weight :( No diet pills for me because according to my doctor it has been proven to have cardiovascular effects... or something.

This is a video I got from youtube. and its a recording of the popular hiphop abs. I think this exercise is super fun.. I've tried it for a time and I'm trying to bring back the days where I actually cared how my body looked like and how great I fit in to clothes. Back then I thought exercise videos were a bust. Its boring and its not motivating at all no matter how many times they so "you can do it" or "say goodbye to those flabbs in no time!" cause we all probably know that those were all lies. So yeah what I'm trying to accomplish is a more sweaty hiphop abs workout and a more motivated cycling ride :)

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