Monday, February 14, 2011


There are really things that is considered "unfaltering" every valentines day in the Philippines. Some are pretty cheesy,some are pretty lame... some are pretty old. But it never fails to put smiles on couples faces and puts more bitterness to those who are single ... "SELF AWARENESS DAY" (S.A.D) as they call it. So here are the things that is pretty generic on V-DAY that I remember and have thought of as a "tradition" for couples and single people.

1. Motels are a big hit. Maybe this is why they prices it really low 235, 370-999 and so on... with free wifi =)) as they advertise it =)) There's so much love in there... They even have giveaways.. how sweet can that get? :))

2. Flowers seems to bloom from everywhere and price ranges is not about the type of flower but on where it is located and how it is packaged. This is the type of boy-gives-girl kinda thing which I think is a total waste of money since it withers in 3 days no matter how many it is and how many times you sprinkle it with water (This is why i don't like getting them)

3. Diabetes is triggered every V-day. YES. CHOCOLATES. These are my favorite gifts every valentines day. It's for single people with no dates and for couples who wants to add sweetness in the day. So every year, there is an increase in Diabetics... but well... its because of love right? Too much love.. will kill you =))

4. Concerts will be there, whether you like the artist or not. Obviously, it is the time of the year when local and international artists go on tour. They believe that people will spend to watch their "idols" sing their favorite songs and go all sweet in the stands. Usually this is the perfect way to end v-day since its held at night and you've practically done all there is to do on v-day.

5. Amusement Parks never fails to AMUSE lovers. This is when you reallyyy can't think of anything to do for valentines but you wanted to have fun. This is it... The 350 php ++ savior that would guarantee happiness on v-day... it also has this optional hurling or god-forbid accidents that may occur since there are too many people scrambling on the same rides. tsk.

6. Food for the HEART. Lovers would always want to eat somewhere special no matter how pricey and out of budget it is.. Since this day comes once a year. I even think that sometimes they value valentines day more than the actual anniversary. I don't know why but it really seems that way. Anyway, for some reason food always taste good on valentines day to top all that, there are A LOT of food promos and give away so couples can have a delicious day on their own preference.

7. Stuff toys. Girlfriends consider them as newly born babies on valentines day. And guys get saved from looking for a total unique gift because they know that even though stuff toys are pretty overrated nowadays, its cuteness never fades and saves them from the storm of a giftless-girlfriend.

8. Group dates. For the single people. Bitter or not, they would always look for the company of other single friends as no one would want to be alone on valentines day. It's fun and sometimes you'd think that it is better than to have a date with just one person.. (But maybe that reason is just a defense mechanism)

9. EMO-tional individuals. There are these unique species who are the exception of number 8th on my list as they would much prefer to watch movies by themselves at home, slouching and eating popcorn, checking their facebook and other social networking sites again and again since they basically have nothing else to do, refraining from calling their friends so they would look like a busy person who doesn't care much about valentines day. These are usually those who had cancelled dates... or their dream date has their own dream date.. with someone else ;)

10. I'M ALONE, BUT I'M INLOVE (the REALLY REALLY OPTIMISTIC people). These are the people who keeps dreaming and blogging about love even if they don't have one. Believe me when I say there is absolutely nothing wrong here... I just wanna say that if you are like this and you really are determined, then you are bound to find a way to have someone and not just day dream till you turn to ashes. These people usually sits on the sea side or some park, looking at the couples lovingly and sometimes fantasizes that its his/her situation. Wherever you go, there is always that one or more individuals who do this =))

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