Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick 2-in-1 Review: Ellana Make up Remover & EB make up brushes

Ellana Make Up remover

Its great! It made my brushes really soft but I'm not really fond of the smell and when you first try it out its kinda oily maybe because of the coconut oil... but it works well I mean for the price of it you do get your money's worth. It comes in a spray tube which makes it easier to clean your brushes. You just spray it and then wipe it off until all the colors are transferred into the cloth/tissue/cotton.

EB Make up brushes

Errr I hated this... When you first buy these brushes it seems so soft and strong.. But when you use it, its really harsh for the skin and the "hairs" Fall off and it sometimes sticks to your face... Most of all, when you use it for a month or two, the dark color of the "hairs" of the brush sticks on your face. and it looks like a bronzer gone bad or an eyeliner turned bronzer.Its really a big downer. Its really good to invest on good make up brushes like Mac, Bobbi Brown and others that are in excellent quality.

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