Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Review: Maybelline's Eye & Lip Make up Remover

This is just another product I purchased earlier and impulsively just cause I was so excited that my credit card is working again :))

I've always loved products from maybelline and lately I have been looking for a decent make-up remover since I find that using facial cleansers, foams and scrubs doesn't necessarily take off all the make-up and dirt acquired during the day. So I bought a small bottle just to try it out, the packaging looked nice nothing too complicated just a clear white plastic bottle with a white label. You can see from the outside its color, blue on top and white liquid below it so definitely, you have to shake this before you use it. And I didn't really use this for the eyes and lips alone.. I actually used it to clean my whole face and it worked really well :))

so yeah just a quick review on it cause its really helpful and I wanted to make a note on it so I wouldn't forget to buy again if it runs out :P

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