Thursday, March 3, 2011


Right now I'm reading random blogs online and I came across a certain blog which will of course remain nameless which claimed that spongebob has tons of subliminal messages. like squidward's name reversed and played sounds like Satan, The entrance song says "children of satan" yadda yadda...and this is the reason why the show is popular for both children and adults (from a christian blog)

"In one episode, SpongeBob pulls down his squarepants and reveals his square buttocks.
An underage SpongeBob is shown driving a car while receiving morally questionable guidance from a dumb Starfish named Patrick.
SpongeBob frequently lies and cheats to get out of trouble.
Many of the sea creatures shown in these episodes are not wearing pants of any kind (square, or otherwise).
The show promotes a belief in Neptune, god of the sea – a clear message to children that they should be polytheists.
SpongeBob talks in a high, falsetto voice (do I need to say more about the homosexual threat to America?).
All of these sea creatures are depicted as single and available for reproduction.
None of these shows depicts an underwater church or house of worship.
None of these shows make any clear reference to Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World – and this includes the sea and all that is in it." - a dude selling a dvd "revealing" the evils of spongebob squarepants

---Lemme just say that this is just crap. People love the show because IT IS A GREAT SHOW. IT'S FUNNY AND NOT AT ALL A BAD INFLUENCE OR A WAY OF SATAN'S INFILTRATION TO SOCIETY. idiot.

I dunno why you stupid people have to make stuff up just to destroy the reputation of the things or people that you don't like. If you don't like it, leave it alone. No one's forcing you to follow the "trend" stupid people who sees a simple star, or a triangle and immediately you say its ILLUMINATI or the work of the devil or whatever.. That's just crap.crap.crap.crap. The bad publicity you people pin of Jay-z , Lady Gaga and others are just to much that maybe you should look at yourselves and see who's brainwashing and who's really ruining lives.

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