Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make up, Make up, MAKE UP! and FITNESS

Idunno why but it seems like i'm turning into the typical girl :)) loving make up, losing weight to look good and all that. I just got into the hype of eyeshadows so i actually bought 2 palettes one warm palette and a colorful original 88 one. It was really awesome I did see a change in how i look. I look more interesting than the boring pale "thing" before. I don't really know what i think of myself without make up. Cause right now the thought is just horrible but then i have clear skin and had no breakouts for a relatively long time. So yeah i'm gonna try out different looks and see if i could blog about that if it turns out right..

(i SOOOOO WANNA WATCH THOR.) -- Random thoughts.

I think I'm losing weight. This week i'll try to eat less and cheaper so i could save money for all my superficial needs. HAHAHA. Its just so hard for me to realize that i dont fit in my jeans anymore. too foul. :(

So yeah another random blabber... will try to blog a little more informative and fun next time

(I LOVE EOS Lipbalms!)---- Another random thought.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first day ON the JOB (OJT)

Time check: 8:01 am. My boss isn't here yet so I guess I can blog about yesterday :)

So it was my first day yesterday and I really thought that I would totally hate it and everything about it was just blah. I mean c'mon think about it. You have to wake up at around 6 to prepare for an 8 am to 5 pm work. And you have to bring a laptop at a place where thieves prowl. So you can't really expect me to be happy about it. But surprisingly I was .

So I met up with my groupmates at around 730 then we went to the personnel division to get our DDR or DTRs or whatever. And then we started with work. We typed and compiled a lot of stuff, read cases and all that jazz i cant really tell what its about all i can say is that it was really interesting :) And then I texted my friend who was working at the senate and she said that it wasn't that good there cause there were so much stuff to do. Here it's super chill and seriously there's no hassle. Everyone is nice here and we get to eat at Rob after :) Hope the happiness continues....

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I'm gonna start writing this blog at exactly 26 minutes before midnight. Really good movies on hbo tonight but I'm stopping myself before my whole body agrees to not sleep.So today I bought an awesome lace dress at the mall, me and my family strolled and ate at sakae sushi (which wasn't that good by the way) and watched the movie beastly which was sorta like a modern beauty and the beast. It was really good, it's definitely one of the awesome movies i've watched in a while. I found it really sweet that people could fall for someone who isn't physically attractive, I can honestly relate to that. Kindness is so much more appealing to me. So yeah anyway, there were so many people at the mall today, others obviously just wanted air conditioning... So things happened but I forgot so i couldn't mention it in this blog... and then we went to cash and carry to do the weekly grocery thing. The bill reached to about 6k and we realized that we really were hungry and craving for some decent food around the house. Since the previous maid was obviously a bust and we starved to death or ate out until she finally kicked out. Good thing our old house helper came back and maid the food in this house actually taste like food.And then I went home. And I think I'm catching some weird virus and a flu is definitely on its way. And now I'm sleepy so I probably won't be reading Neil Gaiman tonight. (Random Blabber) Zzzz.....---

Friday, April 22, 2011

YOU are honestly LYING.

HAHA I'm kinda on a roll here this my 3rd blog for the night. My april posts were looking so sad compared to the past 2 months so I felt inspired to write a lot tonight. As if I had nothing better to do.hahaha.

The title itself is kinda ironic. Idunno if I blogged about it before but there was a line in Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens that really struck me. I can't remember the exact words now but it went something like "People are bad enough themselves they do not need supernatural beings to sin" so that's basically the gist of it. Given that it is holy week, and people are being holy all of a sudden , I think that this blog is appropriate. People keep lying to themselves. Blaming others to make them feel good. YOU ARE EVIL. I AM EVIL. EVERYONE IS EVIL. AND WE ALL KNOW IT, WE JUST FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT. Yeah I know it's not something to be proud of but its something worth realizing. The Bible & All history books can testify to that there's no hero without a villain, and heroes have an inner bad side to them and villains have an innate goodness to them. There's no living, breathing being here that can say that they have never sinned because they did and they should stop feeding crap to everyone who did something a little nastier than what they've committed. Let's just all admit that it's really hard to repent when you know you're gonna do the same thing over and over again. Cause obviously you're gonna repent till you die and go to wherever it is you're going. So I think the best way to spend the holy week is just sit back, pray by yourselves if you want to, and go out if you have a really good purpose. But other than that? seriously just STOP IT. IT WILL NEVER REAP ANY BENEFITS FOR YOU OR FOR ANYONE. YOU'RE JUST FEEDING A LOT OF BULLSHIT TO YOURSELF WHICH TRANSLATES INTO A MILLION REGRETS. TOO MUCH TO HANDLE IN ONE LIFETIME.

Rules Promote Discipline Yadda Yadda...

Today I've been reading the provisions written on the handbook of my university. I was tasked to research and try to revise some errors or outdated policies and other things on which i think is necessary. So while I was reading up on the offenses, a question just popped into my mind. Do rules really promote discipline or does it just hinder people from taking over their own lives and making them dependent on others? Do we really need it? Or do the ruling class need it to support their own self-interests? I've been caught because of the dress code a couple times by just one discipline officer. Other DOs have seen me wearing those shorts and they didn't even care. So i'm confused if i really violated anything or was that officer mad at me for whatever reason. See authority over said rules can be abused. Power is obviously being manipulated all the time. So people aren't really sure if rules are for their own good or for other's ladder to power. In my art class we watched equilibrium and I saw how a single authority can make a huge difference and tromp every other opinion once he gets powerful enough to do so, whether its right or wrong.So rules to me, are in the so-so level. Not all that good, Not all that bad either. So what would happen if there were no rules? If everyone just woke up one morning and felt very anarchic? would it be catastrophic or would it be a bright start? so yeah just some random blabber for the day to get my thoughts across.

"Holy" Week 2011

Holy Week. WTF does this really mean to anyone now??? I mean yeah some probably would go to church or whatever, but these "some" i'm talking about are the nuns, the priests and those who are actively engaged in the church. But now, one may wonder, what happened to the other people? the normal citizen? well lemme tell you right now, most of them are in beaches, in cold places cause its summer, or in their beds snoring till the week is over. And I am no exception. I've been bored for the past two days because the malls were closed, the shows were all holy and stuff and its really not something i'd like to watch, I was just logged on to facebook, youtube, twitter, multiply, vf and yougosocial all day until I feel sleepy enough to just drown the day. I know a lot of people share my fate. Everyone's logged on. A lot tweeted that they were forced to go to church and other visitations Filipinos traditionally do. I feel that a lot people do not see the importance of it anymore. So if these powerful religious people still want to keep the faith going, they must definitely do something. and fast. No wonder that a lot of people online keep mentioning about the NWO (New World Order) because the world we have now isn't really molding itself to how the people are changing. SO YEAH. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID. jk.


This is a late blog. I've been busy. Well not really busy but I guess depressed and too lazy to write I should say. I failed my commerce algebra class which I've worked hard for, woke up early just to have a perfect attendance with no late and practically dragged myself on the Andrew 10th floor even if i'm basically choking on numbers. I don't really know If I should get mad at my professor for not giving me a little 1.0 consideration or I should be mad at myself for not absorbing numerical lessons every now and then. I didn't really think I deserved that so I cried that day... I cried so hard that I feel like my whole body was drained of its water composition. I just couldn't accept failure since that was my first time ever. I know that I wasn't good at math but usually, I still pass. Unlike this. I'm fine now and I'm irregular ( a term used for students with failures and who gets to enroll late therefore not getting any good classes). I'm definitely gonna bounce back from this. I know that I can do better. I've done so in the past and I've accomplished so much.

I don't know if this has something to do with the 2011 thing that Gemini will have tough challenges and shit but 2011 isn't looking good for me. If you've seen my past posts you'd know what I mean. The trend is just too overwhelming.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Dont NEED to add letters and numbers, nor to find X's

Yep. The title speaks for itself. I really think algebra does not contribute anything for the society except for "logic" but then you can find other ways to master logic, so algebra is really unnecessary. I've felt this way for years and I'm still holding on to this belief up until now. Why am I saying this? because I've been failing almost every test in that class and It would take a miracle for me to actually pass this course. But i hope that miracle comes very soon. Even just a 1.0 would make my heart leap with joy. After this I'm getting statistics which i think is fairly important. I feel that I'm not motivated because i think algebra is stupid. But if someone could make me realize how important it is, maybe I can change my mind and actually strive for it a little more.