Friday, April 22, 2011

"Holy" Week 2011

Holy Week. WTF does this really mean to anyone now??? I mean yeah some probably would go to church or whatever, but these "some" i'm talking about are the nuns, the priests and those who are actively engaged in the church. But now, one may wonder, what happened to the other people? the normal citizen? well lemme tell you right now, most of them are in beaches, in cold places cause its summer, or in their beds snoring till the week is over. And I am no exception. I've been bored for the past two days because the malls were closed, the shows were all holy and stuff and its really not something i'd like to watch, I was just logged on to facebook, youtube, twitter, multiply, vf and yougosocial all day until I feel sleepy enough to just drown the day. I know a lot of people share my fate. Everyone's logged on. A lot tweeted that they were forced to go to church and other visitations Filipinos traditionally do. I feel that a lot people do not see the importance of it anymore. So if these powerful religious people still want to keep the faith going, they must definitely do something. and fast. No wonder that a lot of people online keep mentioning about the NWO (New World Order) because the world we have now isn't really molding itself to how the people are changing. SO YEAH. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID. jk.

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