Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make up, Make up, MAKE UP! and FITNESS

Idunno why but it seems like i'm turning into the typical girl :)) loving make up, losing weight to look good and all that. I just got into the hype of eyeshadows so i actually bought 2 palettes one warm palette and a colorful original 88 one. It was really awesome I did see a change in how i look. I look more interesting than the boring pale "thing" before. I don't really know what i think of myself without make up. Cause right now the thought is just horrible but then i have clear skin and had no breakouts for a relatively long time. So yeah i'm gonna try out different looks and see if i could blog about that if it turns out right..

(i SOOOOO WANNA WATCH THOR.) -- Random thoughts.

I think I'm losing weight. This week i'll try to eat less and cheaper so i could save money for all my superficial needs. HAHAHA. Its just so hard for me to realize that i dont fit in my jeans anymore. too foul. :(

So yeah another random blabber... will try to blog a little more informative and fun next time

(I LOVE EOS Lipbalms!)---- Another random thought.


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