Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first day ON the JOB (OJT)

Time check: 8:01 am. My boss isn't here yet so I guess I can blog about yesterday :)

So it was my first day yesterday and I really thought that I would totally hate it and everything about it was just blah. I mean c'mon think about it. You have to wake up at around 6 to prepare for an 8 am to 5 pm work. And you have to bring a laptop at a place where thieves prowl. So you can't really expect me to be happy about it. But surprisingly I was .

So I met up with my groupmates at around 730 then we went to the personnel division to get our DDR or DTRs or whatever. And then we started with work. We typed and compiled a lot of stuff, read cases and all that jazz i cant really tell what its about all i can say is that it was really interesting :) And then I texted my friend who was working at the senate and she said that it wasn't that good there cause there were so much stuff to do. Here it's super chill and seriously there's no hassle. Everyone is nice here and we get to eat at Rob after :) Hope the happiness continues....

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