Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I'm gonna start writing this blog at exactly 26 minutes before midnight. Really good movies on hbo tonight but I'm stopping myself before my whole body agrees to not sleep.So today I bought an awesome lace dress at the mall, me and my family strolled and ate at sakae sushi (which wasn't that good by the way) and watched the movie beastly which was sorta like a modern beauty and the beast. It was really good, it's definitely one of the awesome movies i've watched in a while. I found it really sweet that people could fall for someone who isn't physically attractive, I can honestly relate to that. Kindness is so much more appealing to me. So yeah anyway, there were so many people at the mall today, others obviously just wanted air conditioning... So things happened but I forgot so i couldn't mention it in this blog... and then we went to cash and carry to do the weekly grocery thing. The bill reached to about 6k and we realized that we really were hungry and craving for some decent food around the house. Since the previous maid was obviously a bust and we starved to death or ate out until she finally kicked out. Good thing our old house helper came back and maid the food in this house actually taste like food.And then I went home. And I think I'm catching some weird virus and a flu is definitely on its way. And now I'm sleepy so I probably won't be reading Neil Gaiman tonight. (Random Blabber) Zzzz.....---

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