Friday, April 22, 2011

Rules Promote Discipline Yadda Yadda...

Today I've been reading the provisions written on the handbook of my university. I was tasked to research and try to revise some errors or outdated policies and other things on which i think is necessary. So while I was reading up on the offenses, a question just popped into my mind. Do rules really promote discipline or does it just hinder people from taking over their own lives and making them dependent on others? Do we really need it? Or do the ruling class need it to support their own self-interests? I've been caught because of the dress code a couple times by just one discipline officer. Other DOs have seen me wearing those shorts and they didn't even care. So i'm confused if i really violated anything or was that officer mad at me for whatever reason. See authority over said rules can be abused. Power is obviously being manipulated all the time. So people aren't really sure if rules are for their own good or for other's ladder to power. In my art class we watched equilibrium and I saw how a single authority can make a huge difference and tromp every other opinion once he gets powerful enough to do so, whether its right or wrong.So rules to me, are in the so-so level. Not all that good, Not all that bad either. So what would happen if there were no rules? If everyone just woke up one morning and felt very anarchic? would it be catastrophic or would it be a bright start? so yeah just some random blabber for the day to get my thoughts across.

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