Monday, May 23, 2011

Happily ever... After?

I just feel like Happy endings in Fairy tales rarely come to normal people. I mean people can fall in love... with their bestfriends, some stranger or just about anyone. But can people really stay "Forever?" I don't know but it seems far-fetched. People break up all the time. After saying things like "I love you forever" "Til death do us part" yadda yadda, they fight, and its either the boy/girl walks out dramatically, the guilty partner follows and try to apologize, and then it doesn't work, then its totally over and all you're left with are memories and tears. THEN comes the 3-month rule. It's like a chance to save the relationship, or its the time to heal and to wait for both parties to move on until they find someone else to date. I don't know if it applies to everyone but honestly I think it's pretty stupid. I mean, if you wanna date other people then do so. You broke up with him/her and so you are not expected to even care about each other's lives anymore. THEN... When one party gets a new partner, the green monster pops out. Girls usually get territorial even on those that are not theirs anymore. For sentimental reasons I guess. So when they see that cheesy scenario, they find a rebound partner to make the other feel jealous. Which usually doesn't work cause its quite obvious. After a few sober months or years... they both move on and be STRANGERS again. There are some nice cases where they became friends but it can be awkward at times cause you will be reminded of what you used to be... except if you had a mutual understanding about the breakup... which is rare but I would mostly prefer that if ever...

Complications are always part of any good (or bad) relationships. If you really want it, you stay and work hard as much as you can so you would never have regrets about anything.As i've read on one quote site: Love may not make the world go round, but it makes the ride worthwhile :)


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