Friday, May 20, 2011

If the world ENDS on a SATURDAY.

Yep you read that right. The world is gonna end tomorrow or 3 minutes from now (may 21, 2011) according to Harold Camping? (did i get it right?) or just some dude who did some study on the bible and he said that the bible says it all and he knew since 1994 or something that the world will come crumbling down on 2011. but... he did say that it might end on 1994 but thats just because he hasnt completed his research yet. and now that he did.. will the world end? idunno i really dont think so. I actually believe that its gonna happen eventually with whats been happening to the world.. you know drastic changes and all and death tolls are up and stuff... but you never know. There's no exact date. But we have to be prepared if it did. Guess its planned or something. If it doesnt end hope everyone can still change for the better and not just cause they think being good will land them on the gates of heaven or something. sooo i'm blabbering but idunno just wanna blog about it.

oh and yes today my eyes hurt really bad i think i have stye... which is like a pimple like bump on the upper inner eyelid and as i have researched this will go away eventually but I'm just scared cause this might group or something. errr no. i love my eyes :(


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