Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Day on the Job |OJT @ DOJ|


Okay so i know i shouldnt be blogging by now because i have a lot of pending tasks but I just feel like I had to this since its the last day of OJT and I feel kinda sad about leaving the place. The whole experience really made an impact on me, I learned a lot of stuff and I met a lot of great people. I am now more inspired to become a lawyer since I kinda feel like I now have atleast a bit of background when it comes to the Rule of Law in the Philippines. Fixing applications by the people there made me think about what kind of lawyer I should be. I definitely wouldn't want to be self-serving. I want to help those people whose voices are not heard.

Yeah so anyway, what we did was we bought doughnuts as a farewell party for the three of us since yesterday our boss bought pizzas and softdrinks for us which was really touching cause We or I felt appreciated :) So yeah we talked, fixed our case studies and other stuff.. So yeah I'm definitely going to miss them so I'll try to visit them soon :) They kinda remind me of my host family in caloocan, the Manjares family. I felt attached to them and I badly want to visit them... if only I had the means to do it :( Well maybe someday I just wish that they would still be there :)

Wish one of our ojt mates, Kuya mark was there so we could take pictures with him like what we did earlier :) Too bad Ate Bing didn't want to have her picture taken but we shot her secretly anyway ;)

--- I am now on the process of finishing my requirements so I can finally enjoy my less than a week vacation xD I have a lot of books to read!

XO. <3

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