Monday, May 23, 2011

Then he waddled away, till the very next day..;)

Once upon a time, there was a duck who had silky black emo hair. He loves to sing and play all day. He was different than all the other ducks...cause he was always happy and always horny. YEP. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. He had duck porn videos of the other girl duckies on the other side of duck world.

Yeah so anyway, he met this fairy princess who always fed him bread whenever he comes close. They became secret friends since he never told anyone where he gets his food and the girl only visits the place in secret. So one day, the ducked decided to be brave and talk to the beautiful fairy princess.. At first, the girl did not understand cause all he kept saying was "quack" so the girl left and brought a duck communicator so that they could talk. The days wore on and they were so close, till they fell inlove. The girl took the duck into her castle and made him king. They were so inlove that they didnt care what others thought about their love affair. They had 20 royal ducks for babies and 4 beautiful quacking human girls :)


uhuh... i'm an awesome story teller ;)

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