Sunday, May 29, 2011

When Religion Bites YOU in the Butt

Today is the day before my birthday and my family and I went to church, as it was tradition to go there and be 'blessed' on my birthday.. and I was okay with it. I'm not totally against that and sometimes I even enjoy the homily but what had transpired earlier was a different story.

It was a very hot day so I wore a tank top,shorts, vest and my harlow necklace. So we went inside the church and I just listened... then when the old ladies were getting donations around the church, one by one they started to look at me, some of them had looked at me as if i were a prostitute or as if i've sinned. I didn't know why until one of them came by my side and asked my mom "magcocommunion po ba siya?" and we were both like "hindi po" and then I got mad and weirded out. I didn't know what her problem was and why did she have to ask my mom when i was just beside her. As if I couldn't talk. And then I saw the Church decorum sign and well they prohibit tank tops and shorts which was the exact thing that I was wearing that day. SO YEAH MY BAD. but I do not understand why it was like that. I dressed pretty decently. Its not like I wore Micro-mini shorts or a backless top. It was a normal outfit and they treat me like a rebel or something. That made me hate the whole thing .. right then and there.

Minutes have passed and I've decided to let that go since maybe they are just too traditional or something but then there was this prayer that really sent my thoughts on fire. I started saying it cause I thought that it was just another normal prayer but as the prayer wore on , i realized that it was about the RH BILL. It was for the government to consider "morals" and to act "accordingly". Seriously I stopped reciting when I realized what they were doing. It was like they were trying to brainwash the people there into supporting their side. This one really made me furious. It made me remember my other birthday , when my mom asked me to join the mass in Robinsons and the priest, instead of giving substantial spiritual, life enriching lessons, he just kept criticizing the government... PGMA to be exact. Now it just makes me think about what their real motives are. Because before it was clear to me that the main goal was to spread the word of God. And now I see it as a domination scheme. Its more political than spiritually inclined. As what I have read in one post " the church must change or they will lose all their faithful followers."

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