Saturday, June 25, 2011

100 years:La Salle Centennial Celebration

UBER LATE BLOGPOST. Doesnt matter I just had to document this :P It was held on June 16 2011 at DLSU.. It was super fun... Everyone just got into the spirit of things and bought La Salle merchandise like its the end of the world. I kinda wanted to go home because there were too many people.. There was a flash mob, some live mannequin kinda thing, concert both in the Amphitheatre & Agno street party, Green Lantern and Fireworks. They really went all out on this ;) Too lazy to say anything more.. But I guess other people would probably blabber about this so they can fill all the other information in :P



  1. patrick is soo cute.

    just droppin by to say hello

    hope you come and follow my blog too

  2. hi! sure ! love your nails! wish i could do mine like that hahah :D