Saturday, June 25, 2011

LUSH Haul: Squeaky Clean (SOAPS)

I went to LUSH today after the gym cause I was running out of soap I had just ONE block of Demon in the Dark (Dark Green Spearmint scented) and Honey I washed the Kids (Beige color with honey comb.. smells like milk and honey)... I got 4 soaps: ROCKSTAR, THE GODMOTHER, PORRIDGE AND ICE BLUE.

So this is Rockstar (Pink)& Godmother (Red).. I took them out of their paper wrapping and stored them in these transparent containers..

They both smell like candy.. Bubblegum to be exact. I wasnt sure if I should get it but I dunno everyone's been raving about it so I gave it a shot :P

Next is Porridge (Beige one with oats) and this smells like oatmeal.. I loved it from the first time i saw it but hesistated and got the demon in the dark and honey i washed the kids soap instead. Some say this can clog your bathroom since the oats fall like crazy but i dont care :P The other one is called Ice Blue and it has a strong peppermint smell.. Its stronger than the Demon in the Dark one and its supposed to wake you up... To me the smell is pretty manly but it smells good :P

As for the price I dunno if I'm happy with it.. its kinda expensive especially since I bought some stuff from LUSH just yesterday (lipdip, lip tint, lipbalm, vanilla fountain bathbomb) and these combined cost me a fortune when I shouldnt be spending anymore in time for my Singapore trip... but as i've said in my last blog, frugality will start tomorrow... So better splurge today.hahaha >:P

I'm planning to save the world... ONE LUSH SOAP AT A TIME ;)


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