Friday, June 24, 2011

Mini LUSH HAUL feat. When it RAINS it POURS..

Yesterday was so frustrating. I was supposed to go to the gym cause I haven't worked out in a while but then it rained so hard and I had a hard time getting a cab but atleast I was fortunate compared to all the other people who literally "walked on water"--JESUS STYLE. So yeah the streets were all flooded, a lot of people got stranded including my uncle who got stuck in the skyway for god knows how long and my brother who got stuck in his office but fortunately got a ride to ayala and he just checked-in there instead joining the water parade just to get home. Really expensive stuff though 8k for a hotel room that looks like a luxurious apartelle ( I got free breakfast though and I got to sleep a bit there) I also took a bath there just because they had a bathtub and I really wanted to try Lush Bath Bombs (Ballistics) cause everyone said it was to awesome to ignore. So i went down, got into the mall and got some Lush goodies since the hotel was part of the mall (ASCOTT RESIDENCES) and I got a few things:

MAPLE TAFFY Lip Balm ( This smells so good and it makes my lips look perfect wish I got 3 or 4 more of these though )

DOUBLE CHOC Lip Tint (Awesome bronzy color and obviously smells like chocolate)

2 LIP DIP (Lip Srubs)--(Sherbert Lemon Scent and it was the god-sent solution to my dry lips dilemma. Its been like that for almost a week.. maybe because of the weather...oh and this is less abrasive than the other lip scrubs like bonbon)

Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb (I had a love-hate issue with this earlier... It was a good bath experience but nothing to special , the smell was awesome, it made my skin so soft but it didnt have any bubbles or confetti or whatever like the others and it looked like a huge tub of pee in the tub. So i kinda wished I got the comforter bubble bar instead maybe I might have enjoyed it a bit more. And I was stupid with the price.. I though it was just about 145php cause thats what the plaque said but when it was punched and it was too late when I noticed it was 345 php so yeah i spent it on 1 bath. I couldve gotten the comforter bubble bar that was 245 php or more but you know it is less since as i've said I'm trying to save up.)

I love the people there at LUSH Glorietta 4 they were just so happy and friendly unlike those people from another LUSH branch that I wont dare mention. So from now on I think i'll just be travelling to get stuff from there instead. They deserve the sales :)


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