Saturday, June 25, 2011

My current HAPPY PILL: Redoxfat

I've been using Redoxfat for a month now and it has been effective... so far.. Its 500mg and it only has L-carnitine and green tea.. Obviously there's no bad thing in it so I just had to get it.its costs about 400php and for me its worth you just have to keep taking it cause I really dont know whats gonna happen if you skipped a day of it but I reckon it might just lose its effect a bit. I lost about 3-6 lbs because of this and I've been very happy :) It also helped me sweat while I work out in the gym so thats another plus. And it doesnt give you sudden urges to take a crap so I'm happy that unlike other pills, this wont make me MAKE A MESS in public places. ;)

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