Monday, July 25, 2011

SURVIVAL 101 : MANILA ZOO: Trending Animal Prison

I just had to blog about this. I got alarmed when I heard it from the news and got angry and frustrated and I just feel like crying when I saw the photos and stories online about the current state of the Manila Zoo.


The last time I went there, I saw this horrible sight as well. No one can really argue with the pictures here cause they know its real. Its small, smelly and old. The animals are slowly dying, a lot of cages are now empty, and people are already stereotyping the Filipinos based on what they saw in Manila Zoo since after all, the Manila Zoo is one of the tourist hot spots for years.

I got really emotional with the story and picture of the alligator with wounds. A Zoo keeper was punishing the alligator with a stick with a nail on it. It was just as bad as hurting people maybe even more. Because these animals can't really defend themselves specially if they are imprisoned like that.

When I saw the news earlier, I was furious when they said that they were planning to ship Mali, the Sri Lankan Elephant to a preserve abroad, but now I just want to support these people and I really do hope that they can bring all the other animals there as well for care and treatment. If the Philippines can't take care of them, screw being nationalistic and supportive of the government and whoever is involved. If they can't maintain a small zoo, how can they ever solve the big problems we have in the country? It's pretty much a reflection of the poor state of our country, and it is sad that others have to see it this way.

I even saw a comment earlier from google saying that Filipinos are like this, they can't take care of anything.. yadda yadda... I got mad of course but then when I was about to reply, I couldn't even argue on it, because I can't blame him if he thought of us that way because thats what he saw and this zoo incident just adds another pile to our already deteriorating reputation with other countries. I also read that the Tagaytay Zoo was almost as terrible as the Manila Zoo. I will do more googling and research on this though because I want to see how it turns out.

Hope they act soon before all the animals die there.

Maybelline Color Bloom Tinted Lipbalm

I got this today at Watson's while I was bonding with my high school friends and its the Maybelline Color Bloom, and its a tinted lipbalm. It looks clear on the tube but when it applied the color changes and transforms into a pretty coral or a pretty pink sheer tint. To see the full effect you have to wait for like 1-2 minutes so it can adjust itself according to your lip color. Unfortunately they only have 2 shades and I got them both since they were super cheap and I thought this would look good under a pink, coral, or even a nude shade just to give it a little color to avoid looking like a corpse.

Here's the swatch: Its pretty shear but still, the color is noticeable.


Giorgio Armani: Acqua di GioIA

My brother got the wrong scent in Singapore. He bought this which was a scent for women so he got another one and gave this to me, untouched and perfect. Its 50ml and it smells quite good. Its smells soapy and fresh, like you just got out of the shower and you have this awesome clean smell. It stays on all day and it just makes me more awake and fresh :)


Wet N' Wild Walking on Eggshells Trio

I got this trio from Wet N Wild and its called Walking on Eggshells.My first Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Trio. It's one of the most popular trios from WnW since its neutral and shimmery. At first I thought it looked a lot similar to the Covergirl Country Woods Quad but when I looked at it, it wasn't so similar after all. It has a pretty champagne pink shade that makes it different and the browbone color was referred to as a dupe for Stila's Kitten Eyeshadow which is great since I haven't really thought about that when I bought So anyway, this palette is perfect for just an everyday eye look its not something that is too complicated to wear and it blends easily. Another thing that I liked about this trio is that the three colors are pretty big considering that its quite cheap even for a drugstore brand and it has labels on the colors so that for those who don't really wear eyeshadows can just follow the label and blend.

I rate this with 5 stars. :)


REVLON Just Bitten Lipstain

I got the Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in FLAME yesterday at Watson's because I was bored and I had nothing else to buy. I haven't tried any lipstains actually so this is the first and maybe the last lipstain I would ever try. I've been intrigued about lipstains since I've started wearing makeup but I never got around to getting one because it didn't look like a must-have to me and I think it makes putting on a lip thing a chore more than just a pretty factor.

This is a little swatch:
As you can see, its a red orange color, the color is pretty vibrant compared to the other lipstains i've tried in the store like Max Factor's Lipfinity and the Covergirl one. I'm a little disappointed though cause I expected a lighter and more coral color. But you know, everyone needs a red lip thing :D

Lipstains are pretty good cause it just gives you a pretty pout without looking too overdone. They also last all day with minimal signs of fading and what's nice about this lipstain is that it has a lipbalm on the other end to moisture your lips and to add a subtle shine to the stain. The bad part is that if you press on the balm too hard, it might break. You can refrigerate it to let it stick again though :)

I rate this 4 stars.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


BROKE. Yeah I can't go near a mall for atleast 3 months, I can't go to a concert of the band that I really really really want :| (all time low), and I find it really hard to share it with others cause they would think that I'm a total shopaholic. Which... I'm not (I think)..

Oh oh I found these questions from a site suggested by Mr. Google. Its like some test questions to assess if you need help:

Do you often go on buying binges?
Do you find yourself spending more time and/or money buying on the Internet, in catalogues, or on the shopping channels than you want to?Do you find yourself making more and more use of credit [acquiring more cards, increasing your credit limit, etc.?
Have any of your purchases ever resulted in problems with your bank or legal problems?
Are your relationships with family and friends or is your job performance suffering because of your buying?
Do you hide your purchases and shopping trips from family or friends?
Are you not opening your mail or answering your phone because you don’t want to face the consequences of your buying?
Do others consider you a shopaholic?
Does much of your life center around buying things?
Is shopping a way of facing the stress of your daily life or to make yourself feel better?

---Unfortunately, for all these questions my answer is YES. But nah, these aren't scientifically based right? so it doesn't count. RIGHT? RIGHT????

So here's the plan
1. NO TO MALLS FOR 3 MONTHS (except if i'm going to the gym)

Hope one of these can help me cause I'm just too DAARRNNN FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOWWW... :(


Thursday, July 21, 2011

THE BALM: Downboy & Bahama Mama

Along with my LED mirror, 2 tops and Carmex, I got two blushes from the balm since I had this 15% coupon from my last purchase, cause they had this promo where you buy stuff from the balm worth 1000php and you get a 15% discount for your next purchase, and since I'm loving their blushes I decided to collect it so I bought the other two that I don't have which is Downboy and Bahama Mama..

This is Downboy which is a bright pink blush, its a bit chalky but when applied its just so pretty and natural. This can also be used as an eyeshadow.

This is the Bahama Mama Bronzer, this may look scary on the pan but when applied, its just a pretty sheer chocolate tan color that is great for contouring.

swatches from L-R: Cabana Boy, Hot Mama, Bahama Mama, Downboy


Vivid LED Mirror

I just got this Vivid LED Mirror from PCX Greenbelt today for 499php. I was looking for this for awhile now cause its just really unique and helpful. So what this is, its just a mirror that lights up to give you a better view of your face for make up application or just a mirror to use for dark places. This was made for froufrou fashion and it comes with a black pouch. Available in different colors and designs. Really awesome I know this would come in handy especially when I'm in a rush and I can't do my make up properly ;)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sigma Make Me Blush Kit

I finally got my Sigma Brushes! I was literally lusting over this for months now :> Had it pre-ordered from an online seller for around 5k+ and it was sooo worth it :> I did experience some shedding though especially with the duo fibre one and some others so I decided to wash it twice and now I still have to see if there would be more or less fall out :) So this comes in 4 colors, black, aqua, purple and coral, (obviously I got the coral one) it has 12 brushes Large Angle Contour, Large Powder Brush, Duo Fibre, Pencil, Eye Shading, Medium Angle Shading, Large Shader, Concealer, Foundation Brush,tapered blending, small angle and eyeliner brush. So this basically contains every brush you need to do a whole face.. and you get a travel size blending brush as a gift :)

I wash the brushes by combining baby oil and antibacterial cleansing liquid and some water. Then I just rinse it clean and dry them for an hour with a towel that is slightly elevated to get the water out, and then I put on some brush guards so that while its drying, the shape would go back into its original form. I'm trying to decide on whether I should purchase the Dry N' Shape system by Sigma since I think it would be more convenient but I guess I'll try that once I have an extra budget for it :)

So these brushes are said to be one of the best brushes around and its comparable to MAC, but for now I can't really tell cause I don't own any of those.. yet. :))


82 Birthday Things :)

I just counted all the stuff i bought from my birthday money and it reached up to 82 things, could've been more but I didn't count some of them per piece. So I'm just really happy that I put the money on the things that make me happy although I must admit that some of them got wasted for yeah just saying :P

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reb'l Fleur By Rihanna

ONE OF THE BEST PERFUMES I'VE EVER HAD IT MADE MY RALPH LAUREN ROMANCE LOOK LIKE A COLOGNE :)) :> Its just awesome. I don't even know how to describe it, But i can tell that its fruity and clean smelling. The Filipino dude told me its one of the newer perfumes in there and i instantly fell inlove with it. I was supposed to get the Dior Addict one or the Beyonce Heat, but this was way better. Its best to let it sit on your skin for around 5-10 minutes so the smell can tone down a bit and spread out. It lasts all day and the bottle is absolutely beautiful :)

Got this for S$59.. there are two sizes and i got the smaller one with 50ml 1.7 fl.oz.. but now I'm kinda regretting it cause I should've gotten the biggest bottle of this :|


MAC Lipstick in Lip Blossum

I just noticed that people haven't really made any reviews on this lipstick. I think this was released in 2010 but I just got them this weekend during my trip, and it was awesome. Its quite sheer but very pretty, like you have a lipgloss on. I don't know why there's like tiny blue spots on the lipstick but I'm guessing its just something that makes the lipstick unique. Its an orangey pink color but is geared more on the pink side unlike ravishing. This is a lustre finish and its not drying at all. Will definitely be one of my everyday lipstick. :>

Worth every singapore dollar. Got this at around S$28.


MAC Lipstick in Ravishing

I finally got this lipstick. They didn't have this in any MAC counter in the Philippines and I was kinda lucky to find it at the Mac counter in Singapore (Changi Airport) Got it for S$20-26 can't remember but it is waaaayy cheaper than the lip blossum lipstick which i bought for S$28 in Vivocity. So yeah its a cremesheen,orange-y coral-y color and i think it looks great on everybody. I think it has some sparkly things on it but I really can't tell what it is :> Happy with this purchase. Worth every singapore dollar :))


Great Singapore Sale Weekend Trip

I meant to do this about two days ago when I arrived in Manila but I got lazy because I was too tired :))) So anyway, I'm doing this blog to remind me of the things I bought because sometimes things get lost and I completely forgot that I had them :> i'll review some too just to remind me of the things I love and things that I am definitely requiring myself to repurchase :)

Mac Paint Pot
• Bare Study (really pretty pearly cream eyeshadow/base)
• Rubenesque (To me its like the Hot mama blush in paint pot form)
Mac Lipsticks
• Ravishing (Cremesheen, Orange-y)
• Lip Blossum (Sheer, Lustre Finish, Orange-y Pinky Peach-whut??)
Victoria’s Secret Lipgloss
• Piece of Heaven
• Red Delicious
5 cotton on tops
1 Giordano shirt
3 bags
2 pairs of sandals
2 Necklaces from Universal Studios
1 Gingy Pendant
Clean and Clear Moisturizer
Clean and Clear Active Speed Gel
Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna Perfume

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Make-up Story

I saw this awesome tag from Linny of and I thought I'd do this too since I think its fun and its a chance to express my opinions on certain things as well as to share my favorites and (historical background?):)) on make up. :)

♥ How old were you when you started wearing makeup? ♥
I think I started wearing makeup when I was 14/15 that was the first time I started putting tiny hints of color on my face. Clear/pink lipgloss and a pink blush. I tried it because one of my cousins gave me a bunch of make up items for my birthday. And then I got tired of putting stuff on my face so I stopped for almost a year (or two years I think) and then here I am , a complete make up junkie ;)

♥ How did you get into makeup? ♥
Woops I answered this already. hahaha but yeah started when my cousin gave me some stuff from maybelline to try out. Since she said I should start practicing.haha

♥ What are some of your favourite brands? ♥
MAC, Maybelline, Loreal, The Balm, Etude House, Covergirl, YSL, Shiseido, Mary Kay, Clinique

♥ What does make-up mean to you? ♥
Make up is not a mask. Its just something that helps me be more polished and confident. It enhances the features that I have and hides the flaws that I do not want to show the world :)

♥ If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? ♥
Foundation,Blush and Lipgloss

♥ What is your favourite thing about makeup? ♥
My favorite thing about makeup is that I can be creative and it makes me pretty at the same time. Cause we are painters. The face is our blank canvass and it is up to us to make our own masterpieces.

♥ What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup? ♥
I think that the drugstore make up has definitely improved through the years. Some of them have already matched the products of some high-end brands and people loves this because they can get the same look, and yet their pockets are still pretty happy and full. As for the high-end make up, I have nothing against them. I think they are great, most of them are worth buying and dupes cant really replicate the quality of the look that some high end brands can provide.I also liked the fact that a lot of high-end products are good for your skin and they usually don't create allergic reactions to people. I just wish that they can get rid of harmful ingredients like parabens to make them standout more :)

♥ What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner? ♥
Read and Watch reviews when buying make-up for the first time. Make-up shopping can be very confusing and it may be overwhelming for some. Especially when you are in department stores and there are plenty of stuff to choose from, a lot of pink lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes, foundation etc. so what sets these products apart is their quality and unique shades that suit every skin type. So go online first and look at reviews, most of the time if the product is well loved and raved on blogs or in youtube, you can count that they really are good products to invest on. But then again, each make up preference is different so just use these reviews as a guide.

♥ What is one makeup trend you never understood? ♥
A very colorful make up look (you know, rainbow lids, exaggerated eyeliner, too thick false lashes, matched with bright cheeks and lips) I just think its not wearable no matter what the occasion is. I'd like it if it were at least one of each per look (bright lids, neutral lip and cheeks for example)

♥ What do you think of the Beauty Community on Youtube/Blogger? ♥
I think that its like the real world. Both full of real and fake people. I think its great to receive advice and other recommendations from random people, but then it would be nice if they can just keep it real when it comes to those things instead of making a profit for something thats not really that good. Its not wrong to get sponsors and get paid for something that you love and put so much effort because maybe you do deserve it, what is wrong is when you start raving about a product that you know is terrible and yet you still had guts to go on cam and tell your subscribers that "its great! the best thing ever!" and then these people who trust you comes running to the store and end up disappointed and broke.

♥ Who is your style icon? ♥
Leighton Meeister
Blake Lively
Sophia Bush



In less than a week I will be going to Singapore with my family for the weekend and I am soooo psyched! Having a bit of financial difficulty since I've been spending a lot.. well actually " a lot" is an understatement :)) So yeah anyway I have googled the shops that will go on sale in Singapore and I CANNOT WAIT TO VISIT THOSE =))) specially those in Vivo City and Orchard :)We have also planned to go to Sentosa again and visit the Universal Studios, which I heard was magically awesome :) Can't wait to get souvenirs from there :) I have to get stuff done before I leave those since I have a midterm on tuesday and some other stuff I need to sort out. Also, I need to go to the gym atleast 3-4 times this week to lose a couple inches for when I buy clothes. Its hard to not get a perfect fit as it can make a pretty item look amazingly ugly. I double checked and there were no sales on make up :( only skin care stuff :( so i'll pretty much dwell more on clothing... :)

Just wanna blog cause I'm just too happy :D


Friday, July 8, 2011

Covergirl Eye Enhancers: 215 Country Woods

This was a random purchase. I was just supposed to claim my Advantage card at the customer service and ended up at the covergirl stall. I saw some awesome minty lipglosses and some lipsticks that looked great but unfortunately I was not fond of the smell. So I saw this quad which was highly recommended by a lot of Youtubers and its the Covergirl eye enhancers quad in country woods. It has 4 neutral shades with different finishes. These can also be considered dupes for some of the colors in the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I bought this cause I thought it would be a good quad that I could just throw in my purse and not worry about brushes and blending issues :) Its quite pigmented so I say its worth the price :) Definitely worth purchasing :D


Monday, July 4, 2011

THE BALM: Hot Mama & Cabana Boy

I got two new blushes today from the beauty bar and its from the balm. I've recently discovered that beauty bar actually carries this brand and when I saw the hot mama blush for the first time I just freaked out. It was just too gorgeous to pass up so I knew I just had to go back for it.

So this is Cabana Boy and its kind of a pinkish mauve color its has such a pretty sheen to it. I was contemplating earlier on whether I should get this too and if I prefer this over the down boy which was a bright pink blush/eyeshadow but the lady convinced me to get this one instead so I can get that 15% discount on my next purchase which was really great considering that I'm a bit low on funds.hahaha

This one is Hot Mama the main reason why I came back. Its kind of a dupe for NARS orgasm blush but I noticed that this one had more of a really pretty golden sheen to it as opposed to chunky gold flecks that NARS has been known for. This is just a peach blush with a gold sheen and Its quite pigmented so you wont be needing a lot of product therefore you would be saving a lot of product. Highly recommended :D

When I go back there, I'll definitely get the Bahama Mama (Bronzer) and the Down Boy (Bright Pink Blush) aaaannndd maybe one of the Shady Lady palettes too or Balmbini:D


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hipculture Mini-Haul

This is one of my keep-track-of-my-purchases blog. To see how many stuff i got. :p

So I have a Purple/gray nautical dress with cute anchor buttons in it

A gray skirt with 4 buttons at the front bought it cause it made me look so slim :))

A dress that I cant explain but it just looks like a tank top stitched to a black skirt with a studded ribbon on it :P

It was my first time to buy from this shop actually and there were some items that were comparable to the stuff of forever 21 although these come a little more expensive. The good side is, they are very good when it comes to sales. They go all out and you can get them for less. :>


Friday, July 1, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II

Finally! I got my hands on a Viva Glam Gaga. I was so depressed when I did not have the Viva Glam Gaga 1 (The Bright Pink) so even though I'm not really fond of nude colors, I got this. Another case of me being a sucker of packaging, Lady Gaga and the MAC Aids Fund. So i'd say its a medium nude lipstick, its very pigmented and is categorized as Amplified. At first I found it hard to use it but I learned to apply it carefully and lightly, and its quite wearable. It kinda makes me look like a sick person at first, but I think this would look really nice if you think of a natural goddess look, or maybe even a look with dark shadows so the look can be turned down and not be too overpowering.

Upper swatch (2 swipes)
Lower swatch (1 swipe)

Packaging with Gaga's Signature! <3


02 COOL Water Fan in Hot Pink


This is my 02 cool water fan. Last summer it helped me survive the heat. Unlike other mini fan, this is pretty big and really cooling.. and it has this nice water bottle bottom that you can fill with water so when you feel so dry you can just spray some water while the fans is working and it just gives you a refreshing feeling. I had this before in Blue but it stopped working when it fell from the bed so I got a new one which I would definitely be more careful with :P


Forever 21 Love & Beauty Leopard Cheek Colors

Today I got 2 blushes from Forever 21 and its the Leopard Cheek Colors in Pink/Brown and Pink/White(?)Cause I've been hearing good stuff about it and I am such a sucker for packaging..Pretty good amount though its as big as a press powder.

So here is the Brown/Pink one. Its not too dark like the other color that I didnt get so I dont think that this would make a good bronzer.. though I must say that I would prefer this one because the combination of the Pink and Brown here makes it look like a dark peach or a goldy peach :)

Here is the Pink one. It comes out as a shimmery baby pink on the skin, quite sheer but absolutely wearable. As for its staying power, I have yet to find out.

Overall, its like an elf blush only its prettier in packaging and in color.They do say that these products came from the same manufacturer so maybe thats why :P