Monday, July 4, 2011

THE BALM: Hot Mama & Cabana Boy

I got two new blushes today from the beauty bar and its from the balm. I've recently discovered that beauty bar actually carries this brand and when I saw the hot mama blush for the first time I just freaked out. It was just too gorgeous to pass up so I knew I just had to go back for it.

So this is Cabana Boy and its kind of a pinkish mauve color its has such a pretty sheen to it. I was contemplating earlier on whether I should get this too and if I prefer this over the down boy which was a bright pink blush/eyeshadow but the lady convinced me to get this one instead so I can get that 15% discount on my next purchase which was really great considering that I'm a bit low on funds.hahaha

This one is Hot Mama the main reason why I came back. Its kind of a dupe for NARS orgasm blush but I noticed that this one had more of a really pretty golden sheen to it as opposed to chunky gold flecks that NARS has been known for. This is just a peach blush with a gold sheen and Its quite pigmented so you wont be needing a lot of product therefore you would be saving a lot of product. Highly recommended :D

When I go back there, I'll definitely get the Bahama Mama (Bronzer) and the Down Boy (Bright Pink Blush) aaaannndd maybe one of the Shady Lady palettes too or Balmbini:D



  1. i have the hot mama too :) you should try nars din a bit pricey but worth it

  2. They do have good blushes I have one in deepthroat :D