Friday, July 1, 2011

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Leopard Cheek Colors

Today I got 2 blushes from Forever 21 and its the Leopard Cheek Colors in Pink/Brown and Pink/White(?)Cause I've been hearing good stuff about it and I am such a sucker for packaging..Pretty good amount though its as big as a press powder.

So here is the Brown/Pink one. Its not too dark like the other color that I didnt get so I dont think that this would make a good bronzer.. though I must say that I would prefer this one because the combination of the Pink and Brown here makes it look like a dark peach or a goldy peach :)

Here is the Pink one. It comes out as a shimmery baby pink on the skin, quite sheer but absolutely wearable. As for its staying power, I have yet to find out.

Overall, its like an elf blush only its prettier in packaging and in color.They do say that these products came from the same manufacturer so maybe thats why :P


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