Saturday, July 9, 2011


In less than a week I will be going to Singapore with my family for the weekend and I am soooo psyched! Having a bit of financial difficulty since I've been spending a lot.. well actually " a lot" is an understatement :)) So yeah anyway I have googled the shops that will go on sale in Singapore and I CANNOT WAIT TO VISIT THOSE =))) specially those in Vivo City and Orchard :)We have also planned to go to Sentosa again and visit the Universal Studios, which I heard was magically awesome :) Can't wait to get souvenirs from there :) I have to get stuff done before I leave those since I have a midterm on tuesday and some other stuff I need to sort out. Also, I need to go to the gym atleast 3-4 times this week to lose a couple inches for when I buy clothes. Its hard to not get a perfect fit as it can make a pretty item look amazingly ugly. I double checked and there were no sales on make up :( only skin care stuff :( so i'll pretty much dwell more on clothing... :)

Just wanna blog cause I'm just too happy :D


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