Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sigma Make Me Blush Kit

I finally got my Sigma Brushes! I was literally lusting over this for months now :> Had it pre-ordered from an online seller for around 5k+ and it was sooo worth it :> I did experience some shedding though especially with the duo fibre one and some others so I decided to wash it twice and now I still have to see if there would be more or less fall out :) So this comes in 4 colors, black, aqua, purple and coral, (obviously I got the coral one) it has 12 brushes Large Angle Contour, Large Powder Brush, Duo Fibre, Pencil, Eye Shading, Medium Angle Shading, Large Shader, Concealer, Foundation Brush,tapered blending, small angle and eyeliner brush. So this basically contains every brush you need to do a whole face.. and you get a travel size blending brush as a gift :)

I wash the brushes by combining baby oil and antibacterial cleansing liquid and some water. Then I just rinse it clean and dry them for an hour with a towel that is slightly elevated to get the water out, and then I put on some brush guards so that while its drying, the shape would go back into its original form. I'm trying to decide on whether I should purchase the Dry N' Shape system by Sigma since I think it would be more convenient but I guess I'll try that once I have an extra budget for it :)

So these brushes are said to be one of the best brushes around and its comparable to MAC, but for now I can't really tell cause I don't own any of those.. yet. :))



  1. it is nice. a lot of shedding with the face brushes though :( so i might try the MAC ones just to compare. Once i get the money. lol