Monday, July 25, 2011

SURVIVAL 101 : MANILA ZOO: Trending Animal Prison

I just had to blog about this. I got alarmed when I heard it from the news and got angry and frustrated and I just feel like crying when I saw the photos and stories online about the current state of the Manila Zoo.


The last time I went there, I saw this horrible sight as well. No one can really argue with the pictures here cause they know its real. Its small, smelly and old. The animals are slowly dying, a lot of cages are now empty, and people are already stereotyping the Filipinos based on what they saw in Manila Zoo since after all, the Manila Zoo is one of the tourist hot spots for years.

I got really emotional with the story and picture of the alligator with wounds. A Zoo keeper was punishing the alligator with a stick with a nail on it. It was just as bad as hurting people maybe even more. Because these animals can't really defend themselves specially if they are imprisoned like that.

When I saw the news earlier, I was furious when they said that they were planning to ship Mali, the Sri Lankan Elephant to a preserve abroad, but now I just want to support these people and I really do hope that they can bring all the other animals there as well for care and treatment. If the Philippines can't take care of them, screw being nationalistic and supportive of the government and whoever is involved. If they can't maintain a small zoo, how can they ever solve the big problems we have in the country? It's pretty much a reflection of the poor state of our country, and it is sad that others have to see it this way.

I even saw a comment earlier from google saying that Filipinos are like this, they can't take care of anything.. yadda yadda... I got mad of course but then when I was about to reply, I couldn't even argue on it, because I can't blame him if he thought of us that way because thats what he saw and this zoo incident just adds another pile to our already deteriorating reputation with other countries. I also read that the Tagaytay Zoo was almost as terrible as the Manila Zoo. I will do more googling and research on this though because I want to see how it turns out.

Hope they act soon before all the animals die there.

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  1. I'm glad you care about the Zoo! The good news is that it's not as bad as the pictures in those blog posts made it look. You should see Karen Ang's update on ProPinoy: Revisiting Manila Zoo. A friend of hers took some great pictures of the zoo animals and shared them there, too.

    One of the good things that has come out of this is that many people are interested in volunteering at the zoo. My dad has been volunteering there for the past ten years, and he has plenty of great stories and ideas to share. Check out Friends of Manila Zoo for more stories and information.

    Thanks again for caring, and hope you get inspired to help out!