Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Face Shop: Face it BB collection

So this is the Face Shop's version of a BB cream. Their's an HD one, a Aqua-tinted one and a Shimmer BB cream. The HD one is okay, Just like any other BB cream, the Aqua tinted one does not look good on pictures and I don't really see the point of this BB cream no special feeling or effect whatsoever, the Shimmer BB cream is just bad. I can't say anything good about this shimmer thing, even my mom hates it and she isn't picky about make up. The shimmer bb cream looks more like a highlighter it has too many chunky glitter that you cannot use it all over your face, let alone go on public with it on your face. Each product in this set is 25ml. It is quite heavy and not so blendable like other bb creams that feels just like a moisturizer, i'd say it's more of a mousse consistency so I wouldn't really recommend it. I'd choose the cheaper maybelline bb cream over this.

Rating: 1 star


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