Friday, August 19, 2011

MAC Blush in Well Dressed

Everyone has been raving about this but frankly, I am not happy. It is a pretty blush, but its not pigmented enough for me. Its like I have nothing on, when the fact is that I have packed on layers and layers of this blush already. This would've worked for someone really really really pale but definitely not me.

It's a SATIN finish, 6g/0.21 US OZ, and pricey for a blush that does not show up :|

I will continue to use this though until it's gone so I can back to mac it but I would not consider repurchasing this again :|

I would choose my Happy Booster blush or the balm ones... or even elf blushes over this. Pretty, but not for me.

Rating : 2 stars



  1. I think you should try Nars Angelika or Desire :)

  2. oooh alright ... maybe next week ..haha as soon as I get my money.hahah

  3. I was thinking of buying this.. Thanks for the review! :) Now I'm thinking doubly hard if I shall get this, maybe I should better swatch this in store..

  4. @Myrted yes you definitely should! :)