Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Skin Finish in Crystal Pink

Its 2 am I should be sleeping.whatever. I went to MAC today cause I've been trying to go there for about 2 days now because the new collection just came out. So when I saw the new collection with its little poster and stuff I just felt really excited and all out giddy. I got the Mineralize Skin Finish in Crystal Pink. Its an awesome champagne pink color on the outer rim, and then a variety of color on the middle area which comes out like a bronzy pink when swatched.I personally think that its the most interesting MSF in that collection, although I was debating on whether I should get that or the Rose Quartz one which everyone has been talking about. The lady did convince me to get this one because she said that If I had enough pink blushes then I could just layer on this MSF and it would totally be similar to Rose Quartz which is too fantastic to think about. The only think that I don't really love here is that the glitter can be a little too chunky. You can use it as a blush but I would say that it may be too much. So a lot of people would love this as a highlighter, its quite good for me though cause my craving for the Mary Lou-minizer from the Balm suddenly vanished because of this :)

I am slowly having a craving for this collection like I wanted to go back and get the pearl, rose quartz and goldstone, gem of roses lipstick and the geo pink cremesheen glass. Didn't know why I didn't get the lip products earlier maybe because I was too pre-occupied with the MSFs I've completely gone blind with all the other stuff in the collection.


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