Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Squeaky Clean Brushes!

I just finished cleaning my brushes and they look fantastic. They look just like the way I first saw them. When cleaning my brushes, I use water, baby oil,alcohol or any cleaning agent for hair,shampoo and a little conditioner. I find this combination to work perfectly and they make my brush hairs pretty strong and clean.I clean my brushes atleast twice a week especially for foundation brushes and eye brushes because they tend to accumulate a lot of bacteria due to the products I use with them.

In terms of drying I just get a towel, I press and wipe them clean and then lay them on the towel slightly elevated (roll one side of the towel for about 5 times) this is to help keep the form of the brushes and to help let the water out to prevent fall out.I let them dry a little for an hour or two and then I put brush guards on them and let them dry overnight or even for about 6 hours.

Cleaning make up brushes is important. They prevent breakouts, and they keep brushes looking good as new :) Its important to take care of these brushes because they can be pretty expensive and I find it unnecessary to keep buying new ones when you can just take care of what you have and keep them for a realy long time. :)


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