Monday, September 26, 2011

The day I lost my itouch :(

yeah... that awesome (insert sarcasm) day was today. *sigh* I don't really know what happened to it .. whether it got stolen, or i left it somewhere, or it fell.. i don't know. It was just impossible. It was in my bag, I didn't commute, I didn't really go places today... I just went home and checked my bag for my itouch cause I had to harvest my crops for smurfs village.. but it wasn't there.. I went to my friend's house to check if i left it in her car.. It wasn't there. I took the cab and went back to school to go ask the guards from southgate, the do, the lost and found, my governa classroom, 5th floor washroom, egi, 2nd floor william photocopying place, 6th floor polsci department.. It was nowhere to be found :( Now I feel really really bad because my brother saved up to get me that and it was just too sad because it was only 4 months old. It would have been a little less heartbreaking if I bought it myself, but it was a gift for my 18th birthday and it was a really nice one too.. Now its gone and I'm planning to save up to get myself a new one. :( I'll keep checking though.. maybe some good person would have the heart to return it. I've always believed that Lasallians aren't scavengers.#hartbroken #depressed

no more pictures from a great night with my friends, no mure smurf village, no more fashion story, no more zombie farm, no more notes, no more shopping list, no nothing :(


Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Body Shop: Eyelash Curler

I finally got a lash curler! hahaha.I'm a loser cause I was afraid of eyelash curlers. I've always thought that these were torture devices in the name of beauty. kbye. surprisingly, this did not hurt me at all and it did made a difference. This is the Body Shop's eyelash curler.Im not really sure if it claims to do anything other than a regular eyelash curler but I don't know it just works for me. I've googled reviews for this but I couldn't find any. All I could find was the other version which had a rubber grip at the end and has white pads and the metal has the body shop written on it. Kinda sad that this didn't have that label but oh well. I was supposed to get the shu eumura one but I reconsidered cause I was just starting out and lash curlers might not be so friendly. I was also considering getting the elf eyelash curler but I chose the body shop because it looks pretty and thin. Next buy would be a nice mascara (I don't use those either cause I'm such a pussy).

Rating: 4/5

---I am sooo excited to get my pre-ordered things! (naked palette, 4 sleek blushes)
---So excited for my visit to the MAC at Rustans to check out the stuff from the MAC me Over collection before it runs out. It was officially released last saturday (09/24).
---I have a long list of stuff to buy like NARS blushes, eyeshadow duos, cindy sherman, fall colour and posh paradise collection,mememe cosmetics, urban decay 15th anniversary palette and the new book of shadows.. After I get all this I promised myself that I would go on a make up diet. Will boycott getting new things for atleast 3 months. Which would obviously translate as an eternity for me but I know I have to do it because even though I feel like I really don't have a lot, I still want to get through all of them cause I hate wasting money. Right now I'm going through my powder back ups, I have one more back up left and I'm pretty happy about that because then I would have the excuse to purchase a new one which is exempted from the make up diet plan :>


Sunday, September 18, 2011

MAC lipstick in Captive

I went to MAC two days ago to check if the Mac me over collection was already available, sadly the lady told me that they would have it on October 1 which was different from Trinoma's release (September 25) and Rustan's (September 17). I might go to Rustan's to get the stuff early or just save up more and wait. So anyway, I didn't want my trip to go to waste so I browsed through the lipsticks hoping to find a nice not-so-dark plumy berry shade and immediately, captive caught my eye. I put it on and it looks pretty nice on me, and it brought a little life to my face. I'm don't usually go for dark lipsticks cause pinks and peaches are my thing but this is so awesome and refreshing. It is a satin and it isn't drying although it does have tendencies of bleeding so I think it would look better with a lip brush or paired with a lip liner. I swatched it the other night to compare it to craving which is a another mac lipstick. It looked really similar but craving has a red undertone whereas this one has a more pink undertone.This color kinda has a mature feel to it and It's just a good face brightener.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYX Eyeshadow Trios and Slide On Eyeliner

I got very delight which has an orangey champagne shade (chalky), a dark brown and a great white highlight color.

I got TS11 which is the orange/golden orange/ peach

I got the slide on, glide on,stay on & definitely a turn on waterproof. extreme shine eyeliner in Jetblack.

I got some nyx stuff three days ago but I forgot to put em here :)) I've been using them and they are just awesome and inexpensive. For the eyeshadow trio you can use them for up to 12 months same with the eyeliner, and what I really love about this is its cruelty free, it has that PETA bunny on it :D The products are very pigmented and it lasts all day I don't know if my mac paint pot helped or what but I don't know I just really like it. One of the colors in the very delight trio is a bit chalky but once blended it'll be fine :) The eyeliner, I cannot say enough good things about it. It's very dark, it stays put, does not melt/smear/whatever on your face and it's very creamy so it won't harm your eye skin or whatever you call that :)

Rating: 5/5


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MAC Me Over Collection Craving: Shopping List!

Okay i changed my mind about the eyeshadows. I found exact dupes for all of it from etude house, nyx and coastal scents warm palette. The only eyeshadow that cannot be duped is outre. But some say that it has a dupe from double feature 4 from mac. Lady grey quad also had dupes from my collection.

So my final list will be: outre, equilibrium

The add ons might be: stunner, moleskin

This collection is crazy -_- From what I've read, they will be releasing 51 items for this collection divided in 3 parts. They pretty much covered ground. They have lipglasses, eyeshadows, cream color bases, lipsticks, blushes, the coveted 226 brush ,etc. I bet everyone can find something they like in this collection especially because those shades look very wearable and nothing too crazy.

So I made my shopping list for this collection. I tried my best to narrow it down because MAC is an expensive brand, I'm a student and my mother does not really support my make up addiction. (0_o). I went through my collection to see If I can find stuff that is pretty much similar to some stuff in the collection so I can ignore those and get what I don't have. I went really crazy last night, slept for like 5am just looking at swatches and finding out when this collection comes out in the Philippines. September 2011 was the scheduled release but I called MAC earlier and they told me that it was OCTOBER. Bittersweet really, I have time to save up and add a few things on my list, but I do want to own those this month.


(I will definitely get the ones with * )


Stunner Blush
Equilibrium Blush * (Will use this for a soft contour)
Fleur Power Blush

226 Brush

Oh oh oh L/S *
Rebel L/S
Offshoot L/S
Runway Red L/S *


Cream Color Bases: (Never tried CCBs)
Seaside *

Carbonized E/S *
Mythical E/S
Lady Grey E/S Quad
Moleskin E/S

Shadesticks: (Might get this just because I wanted an on-the-go eyeshadow thing)

This week I will pick a maximum of 5 items that I will purchase from this collection. I will limit myself to 5 because I already saw the next collection which is the Cindy Sherman one and the Posh Paradise which I haven't seen but just the name itself appeals to me so I must save up for those.


Saturday, September 3, 2011


I went to Megamall with my mom and auntie today. Went to the gym then bought some stuff. I got a pretty fitted tube dress for my graduation pictorial from forever 21, I got this month's cosmopolitan magazine and Blush magazine which I was pretty happy about because the blush magazine was hard to find. I also got the Garnier Light BB instant fairness eye roll-on.
This BB eye roll on claims to give an amazing fresh look and is a total solution in a flash. It has lemon essence and caffeine, it does not crease and gives a nude coverage using mineral pigments. It also claims to be longlasting. This can be used for 6 months.This will make your undereye area Fairer, more radiant, more even-toned, with less dark circles, less dark spots, it will look fresher, smoother, less tire, more hydrated and it can also tighten. Don't know if this does work, I swatched and it is blendable,sheer coverage and this cannot be used by women of color as it is too light even if they claim that it will sink in to the skin. xo. XO.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I started this blog with Philosophical posts, political papers and other opinion related things.. especially those which I am most passionate about. But then I went to this big make up phase and now it's more of a beauty blog. I don't think I'm a make up addict or I'm obsessed with how I look but I have to say that it had affected my life in a great way. So I don't know , I think slowly I'm getting out of that phase again maybe because my funds are deteriorating and I noticed that it's too much. Way too much. The other day I kept thinking," you have a pair of eyes, one face and a lip. You don't need to buy a variety of lipsticks, foundation and blush. You just need one to make you look good" And I was like . "Yeah.. I guess" ... So that's how my mind monologue happened. I still buy stuff up to this day but I am planning to stop for at least a month or two just to get through my stash because I definitely have a lot of stuff to consume. In other news: Yehey I got pretty decent grades this term! I'm incredibly happy that I made it, cause I was pretty scared because there were some people who didn't who were more hard working and all that jazz. I do work hard but I do admit that I was pretty lazy this term. I had to ask one of my professors to adjust though because although I did pass his class, I just wasn't contented because I felt like out of all my major courses, I worked too much for his class to get a barely passing grade. Thank ..myself for making that happened and to my friend who were with me at the time. It was really a bad day. My feet were a bit sore, I stepped into a wet brick and got mud on my legs and it was pure madness. I'm just thankful that I made it. I couldn't really thank a higher power because I don't know, for some reason whenever I engage into some trance or fantasy or whatever, I pray. I pray for good things to happen, for my luck to be changed but nah, nothing is happening. So now I have realized that I can only rely on what is here and what I can do to make myself successful and happy. I was more inspired to re-watched Satanic videos because it made me more confident, and it made me rely on myself more than just have faith on whatever is supposed to happen according to some futuristic prediction. AWESOME DAY. Hope 2011 picks up the rest of the awesomeness.. xo

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's in my Make up Bag?

WHAT'S IN MY BAG? I've seen this all over youtube and I thought that this was a fun way of knowing my everyday make up stuff. I kinda realized that I tend to put a lot of stuff in this bag, a lot more than an average person should bring. :| Anyway: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb - Very pretty sheer red color (I use this mostly when I go to the gym) Covergirl Quad in Country Woods (For my everyday eye look) Maybelline Angelfit Ultra Natural Affinity Foundation in Light Beige Ochre (Powder Foundation very useful for touch ups and can be used wet for a flawless foundation finish) Covergirl Simply Ageless eye concealer in 210 (I don't use it too often but I keep it just in case I have an emergency blemish that I didn't notice and needs attention) Bath & Bodyworks Pocket Bac in I love cake MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot (This is for a good base or even an on-the-go eyelid color) MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink (Another Gym Lip Product or I use this when my lips are too dry to apply lipstick on though this does not give much color) The Balm Cabana Boy Blush (Very Pretty Mauvey Pink Color) Blistex Complete Moisture Lip Balm (I use this under every lipstick this is way better than EOS in my opinion) IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Awesome black eyeliner easy to apply because it has a felt-tip applicator) MAC Lipstick in Gem of Roses (My lip color but better) Armani - Acqua De Gioa Small Perfume Spray (When I smell a little URBAN) Travel Size Ecotools Face Brush Set (I got into the habit of takin this with me on a regular basis because it's small and really great for touch-ups) There are some things here that are not really the permanent things in my make up bag, I tend to switch to other things when I feel like it. Like the Paint pot sometimes I like to use Bare Study, the blushes are very random but I use Cabana Boy a lot and another favorite of mine is Downboy which is a Bright Pink, and the lipstick I use the Gem of Roses one or Ravishing the most. When I feel like I have to prepare I also add a lipgloss, a tinted moisturizer, an Mineralize Skin Finish and a bronzer. xo.