Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Body Shop: Eyelash Curler

I finally got a lash curler! hahaha.I'm a loser cause I was afraid of eyelash curlers. I've always thought that these were torture devices in the name of beauty. kbye. surprisingly, this did not hurt me at all and it did made a difference. This is the Body Shop's eyelash curler.Im not really sure if it claims to do anything other than a regular eyelash curler but I don't know it just works for me. I've googled reviews for this but I couldn't find any. All I could find was the other version which had a rubber grip at the end and has white pads and the metal has the body shop written on it. Kinda sad that this didn't have that label but oh well. I was supposed to get the shu eumura one but I reconsidered cause I was just starting out and lash curlers might not be so friendly. I was also considering getting the elf eyelash curler but I chose the body shop because it looks pretty and thin. Next buy would be a nice mascara (I don't use those either cause I'm such a pussy).

Rating: 4/5

---I am sooo excited to get my pre-ordered things! (naked palette, 4 sleek blushes)
---So excited for my visit to the MAC at Rustans to check out the stuff from the MAC me Over collection before it runs out. It was officially released last saturday (09/24).
---I have a long list of stuff to buy like NARS blushes, eyeshadow duos, cindy sherman, fall colour and posh paradise collection,mememe cosmetics, urban decay 15th anniversary palette and the new book of shadows.. After I get all this I promised myself that I would go on a make up diet. Will boycott getting new things for atleast 3 months. Which would obviously translate as an eternity for me but I know I have to do it because even though I feel like I really don't have a lot, I still want to get through all of them cause I hate wasting money. Right now I'm going through my powder back ups, I have one more back up left and I'm pretty happy about that because then I would have the excuse to purchase a new one which is exempted from the make up diet plan :>


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