Monday, September 26, 2011

The day I lost my itouch :(

yeah... that awesome (insert sarcasm) day was today. *sigh* I don't really know what happened to it .. whether it got stolen, or i left it somewhere, or it fell.. i don't know. It was just impossible. It was in my bag, I didn't commute, I didn't really go places today... I just went home and checked my bag for my itouch cause I had to harvest my crops for smurfs village.. but it wasn't there.. I went to my friend's house to check if i left it in her car.. It wasn't there. I took the cab and went back to school to go ask the guards from southgate, the do, the lost and found, my governa classroom, 5th floor washroom, egi, 2nd floor william photocopying place, 6th floor polsci department.. It was nowhere to be found :( Now I feel really really bad because my brother saved up to get me that and it was just too sad because it was only 4 months old. It would have been a little less heartbreaking if I bought it myself, but it was a gift for my 18th birthday and it was a really nice one too.. Now its gone and I'm planning to save up to get myself a new one. :( I'll keep checking though.. maybe some good person would have the heart to return it. I've always believed that Lasallians aren't scavengers.#hartbroken #depressed

no more pictures from a great night with my friends, no mure smurf village, no more fashion story, no more zombie farm, no more notes, no more shopping list, no nothing :(


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