Friday, September 2, 2011

I started this blog with Philosophical posts, political papers and other opinion related things.. especially those which I am most passionate about. But then I went to this big make up phase and now it's more of a beauty blog. I don't think I'm a make up addict or I'm obsessed with how I look but I have to say that it had affected my life in a great way. So I don't know , I think slowly I'm getting out of that phase again maybe because my funds are deteriorating and I noticed that it's too much. Way too much. The other day I kept thinking," you have a pair of eyes, one face and a lip. You don't need to buy a variety of lipsticks, foundation and blush. You just need one to make you look good" And I was like . "Yeah.. I guess" ... So that's how my mind monologue happened. I still buy stuff up to this day but I am planning to stop for at least a month or two just to get through my stash because I definitely have a lot of stuff to consume. In other news: Yehey I got pretty decent grades this term! I'm incredibly happy that I made it, cause I was pretty scared because there were some people who didn't who were more hard working and all that jazz. I do work hard but I do admit that I was pretty lazy this term. I had to ask one of my professors to adjust though because although I did pass his class, I just wasn't contented because I felt like out of all my major courses, I worked too much for his class to get a barely passing grade. Thank ..myself for making that happened and to my friend who were with me at the time. It was really a bad day. My feet were a bit sore, I stepped into a wet brick and got mud on my legs and it was pure madness. I'm just thankful that I made it. I couldn't really thank a higher power because I don't know, for some reason whenever I engage into some trance or fantasy or whatever, I pray. I pray for good things to happen, for my luck to be changed but nah, nothing is happening. So now I have realized that I can only rely on what is here and what I can do to make myself successful and happy. I was more inspired to re-watched Satanic videos because it made me more confident, and it made me rely on myself more than just have faith on whatever is supposed to happen according to some futuristic prediction. AWESOME DAY. Hope 2011 picks up the rest of the awesomeness.. xo

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