Sunday, September 18, 2011

MAC lipstick in Captive

I went to MAC two days ago to check if the Mac me over collection was already available, sadly the lady told me that they would have it on October 1 which was different from Trinoma's release (September 25) and Rustan's (September 17). I might go to Rustan's to get the stuff early or just save up more and wait. So anyway, I didn't want my trip to go to waste so I browsed through the lipsticks hoping to find a nice not-so-dark plumy berry shade and immediately, captive caught my eye. I put it on and it looks pretty nice on me, and it brought a little life to my face. I'm don't usually go for dark lipsticks cause pinks and peaches are my thing but this is so awesome and refreshing. It is a satin and it isn't drying although it does have tendencies of bleeding so I think it would look better with a lip brush or paired with a lip liner. I swatched it the other night to compare it to craving which is a another mac lipstick. It looked really similar but craving has a red undertone whereas this one has a more pink undertone.This color kinda has a mature feel to it and It's just a good face brightener.




  1. i think that color suits fair complexion.. :)

  2. @pam yes :) it looks great on medium skintones too :)

  3. wow! Thank you for this, I'm actually looking for something plummy shade, so this post helped me somehow.

    with love,

  4. Hi! I read your comment on my blog post so I came to respond to your message. :) I actually got my lipstick holder in at low price. If you want, you could email me at then I'll respond with the sellers contact number. I get many questions about that holder so I thought you might want it too. ^_^

  5. @maria that's great thanks for visiting my blog! <3

  6. Hi kristine :) omg thank you! I shall email you now! :)