Saturday, October 1, 2011

MAC Brush Cleaner

Finally got my hands on the MAC brush cleaner. I have been meaning to get this for a while but I never found the need to rush because I can keep my brushes clean with just some shampoo and oil. Recently, I realized that I needed a quick clean for my brushes because there are instances where I just really didn't have the time to deep clean them and to wait for them to dry because of school. I tried it a bit before I wrote this blog and it seemed to really clean my brushes. Which just a few drops it made my stippling brush and contour brush white again and it felt really soft. Another good buy today :)This was 680 php.

Rating: 5/5



  1. Hello Addie! I wonder how much this product cost? I think I need this product too because whenever i fail to clean my brushes, my skin breaks out..

  2. the cutest header ever seen:)))kisses La Folie 

  3. Hi Pam! :) its 680php :) I have the same problem too! So when I didn't have a brush cleaner I really take the time to deep clean everything. It was just super hassle! Definitely get this its 320ml its gonna last :D

  4. @Shara :) Hi! hahaha thank you! I don't know how to do blog editing yet so I just searched for something cute on the internet. haha :)