Saturday, October 1, 2011

MAC Me Over Collection: Equilibrium Blush

Love the name! This is actually the reason why I had to rush to the mall today. Just to have this would make my entire day perfect. It is a satin finish, it's a light-medium brown with gold shimmers. It would work as a contour color for light skintones and a nice blush especially for medium skintones. I tried this on my face and to me it looked a little peachy brown which I can't really explain why because it was supposed to have some pink to it. It looked really nice and it was sooo worth every penny. I don't understand why Stunner was already sold out instead of this one because this seemed more unique. I guess Filipinos love the typical pink cheeks which I'm sure they have a ton of (like me).

Rating:5/5 :">


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