Saturday, October 1, 2011

MAC Me Over Collection Mini Haul!

I don't know this isn't really a haul :)) cause there's only two things from the Mac me over and a brush cleaner :))

So yeah I got Oh,Oh,Oh which is a lustre lipstick.. it looks sooo ugly on the tube

I got Equilibrium which is a satin blush...

Oh yeah and I have to blog about what happened earlier. So i rushed to the mall with my family because of the movie No other woman, and the Mac me over event. My heart was literally going crazy when I got near the store. Some stuff where sold out already and I wanted to swatch everything but my mom was telling me to go eat and watch the movie first. When I finished eating, they told me to get the tickets and while I was out, I rushed back to the Mac counter to purchase equilibrium which was my ultimate must-have product for this collection. I paid for that and told the lady that I'll go back for the others later when I have the time. Which I eventually did. As you know I have been having some money issues so I borrowed some money from my mom's credit card which I will pay tomorrow or this week since she doesn't want me to buy anymore make up cause she said I have a lot already. I honestly think that this collection was a bit of a let down for me. There was no standout for most of the products when swatched, it just looked better on the internet and on somebody else. I didn't get any of the eyeshadows because I just ordered my UD naked palette and is about to order the Sleek i-divine storm palette and I feel like that's enough for my eyes for a year. And the eyeshadows were so small that I can't force myself to pull out that kind of money for it. For the Stunner Blush, I know that it will be one of the sell-outs for this collection, but really I had the chance to get it earlier but I didn't feel the need to. It isn't that amazing and it's highly dupable. I am still thinking of purchasing the 226 but I don't know if i can think fast enough because there were only two left and for sure it's already sold out on other branches since they launched earlier. The lipglasses were okay but I didn't think I need it. I loved social light though. The lipsticks were fine but I didn't like the dark colors and I also didn't see runaway red so maybe it's sold out already.

I didn't get anything from the COLOURIZATIONS and STYLEDRIVEN collection just because I didn't have that palpitating must-have-this feeling about it. I liked the eyeshadows though because they were big and is the pro-longwear collection.

Separate reviews and swatches for the 2 things (Oh,Oh,Oh and Equilibrium Blush)


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