Sunday, October 2, 2011

MAC Me Over & MAC StyleDriven Collection

If you've been visiting my blog recently (yesterday) you know that I got some stuff from the MAC me over collection. And today while I was waiting for the rain to stop so I can go home, I went to check the MAC counter in Marionnaud again. I couldn't stop myself from getting the CCB because it was sooo pretty and I know that I would be able to use this. The lady even told me that I was lucky because that was the last one and she even gave me the "honorary opportunity" to put the SOLD OUT sticker on the CCB sample. hahaha. :) As for the lipgloss, I was supposed to get Driven by Love and Whoops from the styledriven collection but I ended up getting this instead. It was so pretty and wearable where as the other two were very loud.

Happy with my purchase not happy with how my mom reacted though (she doesn't want me spending that much on a lipgloss or whatever cosmetic thing) but I can't help myself because that's what makes me happy :)


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