Friday, October 21, 2011

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Weee I finally got a blush from this brand! haha pre-ordered it from Digital Traincase,she's an awesome seller btw I think it is my third time to order from her online shop and I believe that she has a standing store in ortigas.

Anyway, this blush has been much loved by a lot of bloggers and beauty gurus on youtube and I can already see why. It's such a pretty peach color with gold sheen. THIS IS A 99% DUPE FOR THE BALM'S HOT MAMA Blush so If you can't get this, get that one and vice versa. Kinda disappointed about that because I do not want to have two similar blushes cause I believe that it is a waste of money. Wish I just chose a different color. Oh well I'll just be extra careful next time :|

I don't love the packaging because it's kinda cheap looking, the materials aren't really strong enough to be tousled around the bag so guess I can't take this to school. It does come with a small brush and a mirror at the back of it.

It's 3.5 g btw :)



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