Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So happy to see muji there. I just got a dual sided hexagonal pen in pink and black and then a cosmetic sharpener . Yeah boring I know. But I saw those pretty acrylic drawers that will look perfect for my vanity which I was very tempted to buy if only I wasn't on my saving period. I could not spend anything big and I could not buy any make up until I get through atleast 50% of the contents of all my other make up which will take me forever -_- muji is really worth checking out. In about 3 months if I really really need those containers I will get them #excited
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  1. what are those for? sorry.. hehe i'm not familiar with those pencils.

  2. hahah! well its a non make up item :)) it's just double sided markers/ballpens :)) sorry if its so geeky but its just super interesting to me.hahaha! :D