Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Haul

Hahaha so happy that I don't have classes to wake up to today. So I got some stuff.. a lipstick holder, a blush magazine which in my book, is better than cosmo :)) I also got a MAC prolong wear lipcreme in Dress it up, I'll post a separate video for that.. and finally I got the novel one day by david nichols , it was so intriguing in the shelf and it was made as a movie so I don't know it must be good :))

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Starbucks planner 2012

I finally got it! At first glance I didn't really how it looked, it seemed so small and not worth collecting stickers for. But when I found out that it was for a good cause I started to like this planner more and more. Proceeds will go to spark hope and this planner is also earth friendly. It is made with 70% recycled paper produced by the FSC (forest stewardship council).

so there are 5 designs to choose from and I picked the second darkest color spruce. I was thinking of getting cherry but it was already sold out. It comes with a bookmark,coupons for complimentary drinks and other stuff, and a hemp bag I think this is.. there are two pockets on the inside which was designed for you to be able to put your phone and some other stuff inside. I honestly liked this idea because sometimes I get too lazy to bring a decent bag to school that I come there with just my pen and phone. Now with this pouch I can easily put my pen,phone and whatever inside and I can go to class without looking lazy and unprepared.

I find the planner a bit heavy though considering its size.the cover is made with cardboard that they made it look like wood. The inside of the planner is good. Big enough to write on and it also has a paper slot on the back to store small papers in.

overall I think that this would make a great christmas gift cause just think about get delicious coffee, you help save the planet, you help save children in different baranggays and you get a planner, a bookmark, a pouch and coupons :) really really great deal :)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday haul

Not a big one. I just got two skirts from forever 21 which I wasn't really planning to get but since I couldn't find any good jeans I just decided to get these instead.

I also got an olay natural white all in one fairness nightcream. I have uneven skintone so I'm gonna try this and we'll see if it helps. Olay usually has excellent products.

I got just a telephone wire hair tie from pink box and a herball essences hello hydration moisturizing shampoo with a fusion of hawaiian coconut and orchid. I've heard a lot of good things about herbal essences it was a little more expensive than my usual loreal shampoo but if it makes a huge difference guess I'll switch to this one instead :)
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Friday, November 11, 2011

So this is how it feels to win.. Ft. SLEEK MAKE UP

Hooraaayy! I won Sleek's Saab Magalona's birthday giveaway :) The first 10 to like the Sleek Make up ph page will get a blush and a pout polish. And I didn't really know this until the last 5 minutes of the contest. I luckily got in and I received the Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink which I have a back up of because i ordered the same thing a month ago from another seller so It's pretty impossible for me to consume this as it is 8g and the fact that I have tons of blushes. I also got a Pout polish.

This is the Pixie Pink blush. It is a really bright pink, it is still very wearable and it has an amazing staying power. I do have to say that it is not the brightest blush I own, it is the more wearable version of the balm's downboy. It's matte and very pigmented so I apply this with a stippling blush just like my sleek blush in scandalous.

This is the Sleek Pout polish in Perfect Plum. I've worn this today and it's a stand-out product. It stays longer than a lipstick, it is very pigmented, creamy and hydrating. It smells really good a mac tinted lip conditioner but better. I feel that it is pretty similar to Mac's lipstick in captive.

Rating: 5/5


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polishes

I got two nail polishes the other day from the face shop because I have never seen a midnight blue nail polish that doesn't look cheap on my hand. So I checked out the Face Shop and surprisingly, their nail polishes are extremely affordable. Way cheaper than Nyx nail polishes. I was supposed to get this one and another glittery blue but I saw this pretty clear nailpolish that had multicolored glitter and hearts in it and I fell in love almost instantly. I have never seen a nail polish with hearts inside so I freaked out and even though I was on my no buy phase, I ignored it and just got these. :))

sorry for the crappy application :))


Sunday, November 6, 2011

LUSH soap -Angel's delight soap

I don't really know what to say about this soap :)) it's part of their holiday collection along with 2 soaps one that looks like a candy cane and the other is green with white spots that has a strong citrus smell. So anyway this soap was the prettiest in there because it was very colorful and I believe that it has some kind of glitter strips inserted in the mold itself.

They describe this soap as juicy fruity soap that can make dirty angels clean or something like that. It smells a lot like tangerine very fruity reminds me of the jellyace that I always ate when I was a kid. Like some fruity treat. I've never tried things from their christmas collection before so I might go back and get the snow fairy balm, I don't like the snow fairy shower gel cause I'm not fan of the bubble gum scent it has.

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Tiny trip to the mall

So sad that I didn't get my mask of magnaminty :( sold out already :(

But I did get the angel's delight soap which is limited edition and is released only for the christmas season and it smells like tangerine and just very fruity :)

I also got two nail polishes from the face shop I honestly haven't noticed that they had awesome colors before. I got a midnight blue colored one and a glittery clear nailpolish with hearts in em :)

And then I got earphones. Cheap ones that I will use for the time being as I am still on my cost cutting period :)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maybelline Tiny haul

Today at the grocery I got the baby lips in menthol spf 20 which I do not love because it smells like my mother's back ointment but it feels cooling on the lips and then I got their maybelline eye studio crayon eyeliner "super blendable,smudgeproof, and long lasting" not sure if those are true but I love the eyeliner itself because its almost as pigmented as my favorite nyx glide-on eyeliner in jetblack. Happy to have found this for such a cheap price because I didn't really like the pigmentation on the other liners I saw like the max factor, revlon and cover girl. :)

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