Friday, November 25, 2011

Starbucks planner 2012

I finally got it! At first glance I didn't really how it looked, it seemed so small and not worth collecting stickers for. But when I found out that it was for a good cause I started to like this planner more and more. Proceeds will go to spark hope and this planner is also earth friendly. It is made with 70% recycled paper produced by the FSC (forest stewardship council).

so there are 5 designs to choose from and I picked the second darkest color spruce. I was thinking of getting cherry but it was already sold out. It comes with a bookmark,coupons for complimentary drinks and other stuff, and a hemp bag I think this is.. there are two pockets on the inside which was designed for you to be able to put your phone and some other stuff inside. I honestly liked this idea because sometimes I get too lazy to bring a decent bag to school that I come there with just my pen and phone. Now with this pouch I can easily put my pen,phone and whatever inside and I can go to class without looking lazy and unprepared.

I find the planner a bit heavy though considering its size.the cover is made with cardboard that they made it look like wood. The inside of the planner is good. Big enough to write on and it also has a paper slot on the back to store small papers in.

overall I think that this would make a great christmas gift cause just think about get delicious coffee, you help save the planet, you help save children in different baranggays and you get a planner, a bookmark, a pouch and coupons :) really really great deal :)

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